Akka Arrh Objectives and Gameplay

Hello and welcome, This Akka Arrh Objectives and Gameplay Guide was written to be helpful to you, and we genuinely hope that you do.

A quick summary of all the basic mechanics, most of which can be found in the tutorial. But if you’re mid-playing it can be a little overwhelming.


Akka Arrh a score attack is game. While you will enjoy the wonderful, wonderfully synchronised audio/video, the main reason to play is to optimise your score for each level and to complete as many of the 48 levels as possible.

It’s possible for you to get very different scores on the exact same level depending on how well your play mechanisms and bonuses are utilized.

There are two primary sources of delicious, juicy points

1. Chaining kills boosts the points per take

2. Four things get you a bonus

  • Keeping your “lives”, or pods intact (upto 250,000 per level).
  • Keep your turret safe from intruders (32677)
  • Bullets left behind at the end
  • Use as few bombs, ideally none.

You can choose to restart at a later stage (Restart Best mode), and you will keep your highest score. For any level above 5, this score will contribute towards the “cla*sic” leaderboard. You can compete in the Pure leaderboard for those who start at levels 1-4.

There are two levels of difficulty, normal or hard.

The protagonist

You are the disembodied, vectorized head of an ungulate. This is what you’d expect from a Minter & Giles. You can only move and rotate but you have the aid of an aiming mouse, which has some other tricks. Use mouse or trackball controls.

Your game starts with 16 lives (or pods). The game ends when you run low on pods or are harmed by enemies.

These pods can be easily seen in the main play space as a rotating circular ring of tiny, atomic-looking orbs. To defend against enemies trying to drag you off to a terrible fate, it’s possible to jump closer and go downstairs. Only do that if they are seriously injured. You can’t just go down without permission.

The antagonists

There are two main types.

The first enemies you encounter are small, circular things that drop in and make their way over the large playfield surfaces trying to reach your turret with its juicy pods.

The other main enemy type is flying past. They float on the surface and are unaffected by anything at the surface. They are all different in appearance and shape. The first ones you will find look like a bowtie. A yellow core is attached to the bowtie that can be used to attack you if it’s host dies.

These can cause pods damage through 3 mechanisms.

  • You can be hit by yellow bullets, which enemies release. If there are several of them, this could happen very quickly. All over the shop were broken pods.
  • Someone descends and makes off with one.
  • If they’re left alone, some enemies, such as the green flowers, can drag a pod straight from the safety and security of downstairs. You’ll be able to see a tractor beam react quickly.

Finding the right combination of these two villains is essential for you to score big. We’ll be covering that next.

The light-generating devastation

There are 3 weapons in this game. Effectively using them is key to many achievements on the leaderboard.

1. Bombs. Bombs have a key capability. They create an expanding geometry crater that will destroy small, circular enemies. Each bomb detonated will cause another crater to explode. The longer this chain goes, the better your score for each kill. The key to high scores is to maximize this chain. It can be extended to new levels. Chains don’t stop working, you need not to reset them.

Dropping another bomb will reset everything. If the cratering is not successful, there will be no new enemy to continue the chain. However, there are ways to create a new place that will keep the chain alive.

2. Bullets. You can accumulate bullets by killing enemies. An ammo number is next to your aim pointer to indicate your current ammo. Alternate fire shoots fast bullets, which can be used to destroy any enemy. However, if an enemy is flying it will cause a crater similar to a bomb. However, the small circles are not affected by this fire. If attacked, it will still destroy them without resetting any chain scores. This crater generation can be used to continue your arc.

Sometimes, small, brightly colored enemies lead a formation shot with bullets and explodes into a new location. These “sacred men” can be promoted to glowing white “sacred girls”, triggering a big lighting chain and destroying anything around them.

3. You can also buy a power-up to augment your cursor. Some will add offensive weaponry. It will also ping up an additional crater. Wherever and when it floats past, this can significantly affect your chain score and score. The power ups are very useful as they add abilities like extra bullets, lightning and direct bullying of the foes.

Importantly, different surfaces can have their own crater patterns. Mirror symmetry allows for a single crater to become multiple craters. With a single bomb, or enemy death, you can impact a large area. They can also expand/fizzle out at different rates – finding areas with beautiful slowly expanding craters that stay around to kill many enemies is a good way to rack up points. You can also see how surfaces can transform and vanish, so you might lose some craters. Or you can remove a sloppy surface to make more of a better one. Some enemies seem to affect this, but I haven’t yet figured it out.

You’ll find scores at the end for each level. They show the score you’ve achieved within the level and your best score. Green is good. The top right shows the total score.

The small number located at the top of your total score and starting at 1.0x is a speed multiplier. Chaining and the ffwd power up can increase this number. It is possible that this could also be used as a score multiplier.

Here are some tips

Watch out for your base circles turning yellow and get to the ground as soon as possible.

Powerups are available in areas where there are no craters.

Shoot flying enemies twice before they get their bullets.

Use bombs sparingly. Remember which surface has slowest crater burnout.

On level 29, you can move the cursor further away into the corner.

Use a mouse and two buttons. The middle button is used to go down. You can react much faster to any threat coming from any direction.

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