Apocalipsis Transcript of Textual Narrative and Visual Storytelling

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Visual storytelling is utilized throughout most of Apocalipsis. However flashbacks to Harry's past include omniscient third-person narration, accompanied with subtitles. This text is transcribed for archive purposes.

First Memory Fragment

If you lose someone for all time, it is often the end of your world. If you were Harry — the boy who found love for the first time you'd do everything to win her back.

Second Memory Fragment

These memories were there every time Harry closed his eyes. That evening Harry and Zula were sitting on the top of a hill. All of a sudden the star with a long, bright trail fell from the sky. Zula was captivated by the sight and decided to follow it. Harry was keen to go with her, but Zula refused to go along with him. Zula explained that according to an old legend that a girl who discovers a fallen Star will be given the gift of eternal love.

Third Memory Fragment

Harry will never forget the next incident. The water around the village rose up and turned pitch black, people fell dead where they stood and crows circling in the sky above. Someone claimed to have observed Zula following the star a few days before. That was enough to make her suspect of witchcraft.
Note. Note. The subtitles are slightly different for the last sentence: "[…] and the crows could have been circled in a sky over them.

Fourth Memory Fragment

If only Harry could erase this terrible memory. Harry believed that Ordeal by Water would reveal the truth about Zula. Even when she would disappear in the night nightmares that were disturbing were haunting him. In them he's seen Zula deep in the dark forest, dancing in the midst of a fire.
Note. This section is repeated in "One Night in the Woods" in a simplified form: "Harry didn't believe in the guilt of his beloved. Even when she would disappear in the night disturbing dreams would haunt him. He saw Zula dancing in the dark forest as he was trying to lighten the fire.

Fifth Memory Fragment

Zula's words rang in his head each time he closed his eyes. In the midst of the crowd that was taking her away, Zula managed to let out one final shout. She informed him that only the wormwood ritual can save her. He'll have to travel tothe hut of the witch in the forest. Harry didn't hesitate for a moment.
Note. The last sentence does not appear in the subtitles.

Other Text

A heptagram in the last level has the inscription "Contra vim mortis non est medicamen hortis" -an Latin maxim that means "There is no cure in the gardens to counteract the power of death".

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