BioShock Infinite How to Setup Guns Gear and Vigor

Hello and welcome, This BioShock Infinite How to Setup Guns Gear and Vigor Guide was written to be of use to you, and we genuinely hope that it is.

This guide contains every Gear, Vigor , and Gun setup you’ll need for any given situation. I skipped every bullshitry about guns and vigor because I only used two types of guns and vigors in order to finish most of the game. Cheesing it the fastest and longest.

Setup for Vigor and Guns Gear

You must get rid of the aggressive player prior to beginning your journey. Take your time and be patient. patience. Run around and take a breather let your shield recover then pick the enemy one by one. This is the strategy that I found to work for me as it is the fastest to win however feel free to be inventive


Completely upgrade your Salts First you need your Shield. After that, your HP


upgrading of guns is dependent on your level of comfort with the gun so upgrade when you got the gun of your choosing. And your choice of gun is vital since you will be relying on your guns in the beginning levels. If you aren’t comfortable with the guns I suggest, you can pick your own guns.

Early in the game as quickly as you are able to see these guns


  • Shotgun
  • Carbine

When you spot these guns and you spot them, the middle point of the game is yours.

If you have already discovered the hand cannon, or sniper, just hold on to it already.


  • Hand Cannon
  • Sniper
  • Carbine

note: You can interchange your secondary with whatever gun but you cannot use the carbine.


you need to change your gears regularly, it depends on the environment you’re in. Here are some of the most important gears that you must have. In this part I only have two main gear builds. The melee and damage. It is possible to swap it out depending on the situation. I’ll explain it later


  • Burning Halo

    *Recovered near a vending machine after defeating First Zealot in Fraternal Order Raven’s headquarters

  • Electric Punch

    *SEASON PASS DLC will be available after you have completed the first chapter

  • Extra Extra

    *Collectors Edition you can also download this after you’ve finished the first chapter.

  • Rising Bloodlust

    *Located at the Wardens Office within Comstock House. Can’t be missed

  • Sheltered Life

    *Random. Keep going back to the checkpoints until you locate the gear. You can repeat the process or try again later in game. There are checkpoints that let you locate an item in just two steps. Rinse and repeat


  • Ammo Advantage

    Season Pa*s DLC is available immediately after the first chapter.

  • Salt to blood

    *Random. keep on repeating checkpoints with an adjacent equipment. Repeat until you reach this.

  • Executioner

    *Random. Similar process

  • Pyromaniac

    *Random. Repeat the procedure.


  • Brittle Skinned

    * Random Repeat the same rinse, and repeat.

  • Urgent Care


  • Head Master



  • Eagle Strike

    Season Pa*s DLC can be obtained right after the first chapter

  • Tunnel Vision


  • Vampire’s embrace


Note: I’m aware that some gears are available randomly, don’t fret just be patient and rinse and repeat some of the checkpoints. Before I go on, let me explain be sure you will get every damage amplifier gears first before doing the melee gears.


For my damage amplifier gears it should be like this;

  • Head

    *Rising Bloodlust

  • Shirt

    *Ammo Advantage

  • Pants

    *Head Master

  • Boots

    *Eagle Strike

For my melee cheese gears it should look like this:

  • Head

    *Burning Halo

  • Shirt

    *Blood to Salt , Pyromaniac or Executioner (these three are not recommended, but blood to salt is reliable the majority of the time so be inventive)

  • Pants

    *Brittle Skinned

  • Boots

    *Vampires Embrace

note1: ALWAYS ALWAYS always use the EXTRA EXTRA Head gear When you encounter an oxophone, it gives you extra information.

Note2 Gears can be extremely creative. Make sure that it’s not a damage amplifier, or a melee-cheese design. It’s not possible to have both. This is 1999 simplified and not too complicated. Lol.

Note3: Be patient in your search for gears. I completed my build very early in the game. I kept returning to checkpoints. I ensure I finish my damage amplifier gears first , as you will depend on your guns early in the game. You can complete the melee cheese build later.


I only used two vigors to a*sist me in getting out of a difficult situation. These were:

  • Possession

    Upgrade it immediately after you’re able

  • Charge

    *Upgrade this too instantly

Note: I’ve only used Devils Kiss for burst damages in my recent experience. I didn’t upgrade it.

Note 2: Charge can be used to cheese the game right now. I have provided a melee build for you and you will be able to take down your enemy in the blink of an eye. Handyman Lady Comstock and the final battle are just a few examples.

note3: abuse the Possession every awkward situation. Always take aim at men who have guns or turrets.



  • Always have the PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE. Do not rush everything simply try to enjoy the game at the same time.
  • Handymen are easy to defeat if you kill all the goons first. Just run and sky-hook constantly until Handyman is the final enemy. And don’t forget to change gears.
  • Again, be creative with guns and find a weapon you’re comfortable with. Also, don’t forget to update your guns.
  • Gears require patience. Make sure to take your time when checking checkpoints since you may not be able to get all the gears that I mentioned earlier. A LOT OF PASSION!
  • With Vigors, POSSESSION and CHARGE are the way to cheese the game.
  • It’s a good idea to not spend anything on upgrades for guns and vigors that you won’t always use.
  • If you’re looking for the SCAVENGER HUNT ACHIEVEMENT. Don’t buy it from a Dollar BILL. or even from the DISCOUNTED DOLLAR BILL.



PS: If you think something isn’t clear, let me know.

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