Buriedbornes – Dungeon RPG Introduction to Soulstone Mining + Contracts and Parts

Welcome. We hope that you find this Buriedbornes – Dungeon RPG Introduction to Soulstone Mining + Contracts and Parts Guide to be helpful.

A guide explaining how specific advanced systems function using an example build used for farming Soulstones.


Perhaps you’ve played the game a few times and maybe even gotten to 10 and killed an Ancient King. You now want to know what the other menus are. This guide will help you.

Buriedbornes has a lot to offer in terms of character creation. This guide will teach you the basics.

I’ve played the game once before on mobile, but I have never done anything other than dungeons. I was excited to share my findings with anyone who might be interested in the game’s mechanics after the Steam version was released.

Soulstone Mining – The Basics

To start the journey, we will need to fund our fun. As you probably know, everything fun costs soulstones (rerolling things and unlocking more jobs).

Mining, which is the fastest and easiest way to farm vast amounts of soulstones so you don’t have to worry about them being spent, is the best. Many options are available today to accomplish this feat with varying speeds and effort. Let’s take a look at them.

Five things are required for a mining character to function well.

  1. Soulstone gain skill: A skill or skill modifier that grants you Soulstones upon their use. These are the most popular.
  2. Cooldown reduction– Mining skills, by default, have a long cooldown. Using them for a few minutes between uses will speed things up. These include Tailwind rooms, Silence + Ninjutsu, or a Demon job.
  3. Soulstone gain boosters is a desirable effect that increases gained spiritstones. There are a couple pa*sives that will increase your gains, including Greed, Golden Cat and Collector. Higher-tier dungeons can grant you more stones. Up to 5x bonus in Tier 5. These boosts are all additive. For example, going to tier 5 with Greed+2 will give you a 6x multiplier instead of 10x.
  4. Survivability– You won’t want your enemy to spam the same skill repeatedly, so we need something that will offset their health by reducing to 0. Active skills that restore your health are a good choice.
  5. Automation– Pressing the same button too many times will get repetitive. There are ways to let your guy collect stones, and you can do other things. It is possible to set up a farm that automatically uses Frenzy, Puppet, or both. However, it’s not easy, so keep it in mind when you need it.



Buriedbornes - Dungeon RPG Introduction to Soulstone Mining + Contracts and Parts - Soulstone Mining - The Basics - DC8F11B

To make it simple, to start mining, unlock the Miner job, which will give you 2000 soulstones. It starts with the Mining skill and ends with pa*sive greed. Send him off to any unlocked dungeons (the higher, the better), and give him a healing potion starting gift. Find a room that has Tailwind+Enemy Modifiers. Go wild! Spam Mining, heal if you get low, and then start over. Congratulations! Now you can start mining Soulstones.

Once you have between 10-20k soulstones we can move onto the next part.


Buriedbornes - Dungeon RPG Introduction to Soulstone Mining + Contracts and Parts - Contracts - 4D1AB6B

You can access the menu to manage Contracts by clicking on the Operation Room icon. You can equip your character up to 5 pa*sive beneficial effects with one contract.

Contracts can be combined to combine their effects. The merger will transfer one randomly selected effect from a material contract to the original contract. However, if the material has only a single effect, there is no randomness.

Specific effects cannot be merged into other contracts.

The salvage-possessed contract can also be done to gain Dark Study. The rarity and value of the contract determine the amount earned. You will be prompted to save all unstarred contracts if you don’t select any contracts when you press the Salvage Button. I keep 1-2 copies of each rare contract I receive and salvage everything else.

Dark Study is a way to buy new contracts in our shop. Dark Study can buy almost any contract with just one effect (except Add. Capture), so you don’t need to accumulate anything. The shop search function takes into account case.

There’s so much going on that it can be hard for people to see the good in things. But Miner can make it simple.

Our goal will be to achieve Golden Cat+2: Contract Three lines of Golden Cat, Teleport, and Scout to make it easier for you to find Tailwind rooms. You can purchase all of these with Dark Study. You can also get 3x Golden Cat and 2x Greed if you need slightly more gains.

Buriedbornes - Dungeon RPG Introduction to Soulstone Mining + Contracts and Parts - Contracts - A85D219

For Dark Study, you need to call buy random contracts. If you want a Rare one, salvages for ~100 DS. Head over to the shop for more information. Buy the contracts that we need . You can choose one to use as a base, and then you can merge the four other ones into it.

Once that’s completed, you can start a second run and equip your contract at character creation.


Buriedbornes - Dungeon RPG Introduction to Soulstone Mining + Contracts and Parts - Amulets - 1F07B09B By comparison, amulets are much simpler. An amulet is a “skill” you equip, starting with that skill. The soulstone shop sells 421 amulets. There are no duplicates. You can buy them and start with almost any skill you like.

To replace the potion with an infinite solution, you can give the Miner a healing ability like Full Healing. You can also give a Mining Amulet to another job. A demon can even start mining in the first room with her pa*sive.

Lab Parts

There is a lot of information to digest here. It’s not possible to make miner stronger right away. You will need to have some luck to find the right parts.

Buriedbornes - Dungeon RPG Introduction to Soulstone Mining + Contracts and Parts - Lab Parts - 205C6FALabParts are similar in giving you five different effects at the beginning of each run. The difference is that they are not combined into one item that can be used for any job, but you equip them for a specific job.

As with Contracts, you can only have one 5* lab component simultaneously. These 5* effects can include pa*sives not found on other jobs or legendary items.

You can take out the parts you don’t want to get death fragments, just as with contracts.

Fragments of Death are used to purchase lab parts and equip them or unload them. Many players spend 300 gold shards for an upgrade that eliminates this cost. This allows you to experiment and has the bonus of spending as much as you like. The purple button may make it appear like it, but parts can be removed at any time.

How can we get lab components? There are several ways.

First, buy them at the shop. You can either use Bargain or Random Part. Prices are quite high, but there are cheaper ways. Random Part often offers a 50% discount, so it might be worth playing if you have a lot Fragments. Seasonal shops can sometimes sell rare parts and contracts, so keep an ear out for them.

Conquest rooms can be accessed second. You will often find a Nest and Monument room on floors 11+. A mini-boss will spawn when you enter them. It will give you a random Lab Part, and a few Fragments Of Death. There is no benefit to salvaging parts when you find them, especially if they are not what you expect. You can still gain more parts by going over the limit, but you won’t be able to start a new Run until you clear up your storage.

Finally, parts can also be obtained from captured enemies.

Buriedbornes - Dungeon RPG Introduction to Soulstone Mining + Contracts and Parts - Lab Parts - 8BCF6CCYou have two options: capture skills or the Add-Capture effect. This will allow you to capture enemies and place them in Detention. These monsters can then be taken to Jail or combined into another monster in Jail. Detention has 10 slots default. When it’s full, your oldest Monster will be released automatically.

Monsters come with two default effects. They can also appear with a third (or fourth) effect.

Combining monster’s Fragments for Death costs equal to 10x total Injuries. After the operation, don’t be reckless. Add the injuries and pa*sive effects of combined monsters to the end of the list. If the jailed creature already has a particular effect, that effect will be combined with the current one.

This is where the order of which monsters are fused is critical.

You must raise the Jailed monster’s Injury by at least 80% to dissect any lab part. Once that’s done, you can get any effect at the bottom as a lab piece if possible (some effects are impossible to dissect or do not exist as lab pieces).

Buriedbornes - Dungeon RPG Introduction to Soulstone Mining + Contracts and Parts - Lab Parts - 704600B

Here’s an example: A captured Rich Kobold with 3 effects. To dissect Collector, we need to capture an enemy with a Damage Reduce effect. Also, it must be at least 38 injured. After putting that monster into Jail, we would combine the Kobold with it.

Kobold’s effect would be at the bottom, and the Damage Reduce would go into the existing one. This would leave Collector at its bottom. This monster will be dissected to reveal the Collector component.

Mr. Blue Sky has made.
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Buriedbornes - Dungeon RPG Introduction to Soulstone Mining + Contracts and Parts - Lab Parts - 8234D1ATa way to farm Fragments for Death is necessary to finance your maniacal dissecting frenzy. The “Dog”, which gives fragments to your boss or conquest, is a man’s best friend.

The amount of gold you get is determined by the tier of your dungeon. You can find the Collector lab and Field Survey contract to increase your gains further. Other effects you choose should focus on helping you survive and defeat enemies.

Sometimes, you will find a “Lab” room modifier in the Hunt Dungeon. This works in a similar way to Dog’s pa*sive.

There’s no quick method to get good Miner pieces, but there are notable ones like Collector (5*), Greed Autoheal, and No faith.

Going even further

You can set up an automatic miner if you desire to be a stronger miner. It’s a complicated process as you must get rid of all harmful skills (ideally all other non-mining skills to save time and use consumables only to leave one skill), then find a room for Tailwind (while being frenetic and with no damaging abilities). You can see how tedious it is without the ability to reroll any skills. You might want to consider other mining jobs. Their toolkits offer different pros and cons or better gain ceilings.

If you have any questions, you can join the official Discord:

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We are grateful that you took the time to go through the Buriedbornes – Dungeon RPG Introduction to Soulstone Mining + Contracts and Parts, and we sincerely hope that you discovered it to be of a*sistance to you in any way. You are more than welcome to point out any mistakes or make suggestions for changes in the comments box below, and we will attend to them as quickly as we can. My warmest thoughts and prayers are with you today. Creator and writer Azebu was the inspiration for this article.

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