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This is the most important tactical layer mechanism, yet is often overlooked.
A unit that has zero power (health or) explodes. It can also be easier to kill a unit by reducing its morale to zero (health). This isn't always possible, but it is possible. The enemy officer (except aliens keeps the retreated unit in case they win the battle or respawn.
Even before retreating units with 70/lower morale take an extra 20% of base damages (downcast' state.) increases to 40% base damage at 30/lower morale (Y 'collapsing.
Flank attacks cause the target unit a loss of 10 morale, even though all shots are missed or blocked with shielding. Rear attacks or 'ambush attacks' (by submerged submarines) cost the target unit 20 morale. 15 morale losses are caused by (map weapons, nuclear bomb, Starkiller beams, artillery, and black hole gun). All other ships are affected by the loss of the flagship, which results in a 50 morale hit.
Remember that the flagship and units near it gain 5 morale at every turn.
Units with the Indomitable pa*sive don't take more damage or retreat because of morale effects. Omnic Apocalypse also has a level-1 policy that negates morale damage.

Defence systems

Unlike CG1 which has random shield failures and a fixed number, defense systems in CG2 are limited in how many hits they can take before they fail and require repairs (E08091328A)
There are a few types of defense:

  • Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Defense systems - 7156969Beam Field: Negates beam weapons; commonly found on large vessels
  • Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Defense systems - CDDAB4AMagnetic Field : Negates projectile arms; usually found on large ships
  • Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Defense systems - 2759BC8 Power Shield : Reduces the damage of all weapons by half; generally found on mecha
  • Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Defense systems - 58BCAC2Carapace: Reduces the damage of all weapons by 30 percent; found on some alien devices and biomechs

Human shields must only be used when (is being defended. Counterattacking or avoiding) will require energy. They cannot be used against map weapons. Carapace is pa*sive, and works against any non-DoT source of damage.
Durability counts hits regardless if they cause damage. Machine Gun and ma*s fired missiles/cannons are the fastest ways to breach defenses (so long as they hit).
Repair a damaged shield with a support ship (. Or, heal it for aliens/biomechs by using an). Repair from shipyard/arms plant, alien/biomech Auto-heal, most tactics skills don’t count. Auto Repair pa*sive counts; units that have it will Completely restore their shields At the beginning of each turn, the shield is visible.


Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Alienate - 5D46B5A
This is a diplomatic weapon of choice. If a faction likes your character enough, they can make you hate any other person at no cost. If they don't like you (enough and aren't at War with you) then you can throw some extra gold your way.
NPC factions can also use this on you. You can accept or decline their words to lower your relationship with the slanderer and their target.

Biomech units

Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Biomech units - 3B9E853
The biomech unit unlocked by alien research is one of the best units you can get (. This is especially because of all the buffs that the rest of) gives. These units are often stronger than human ones. They have the following advantages: They can restore HP in combat (, while normal units require special tactics skills for this); and they don’t run out of energy.
Here is a list of biomech unit names and some notes about them:

  • Chimera Warrior (mecha): Starter biomech. Low movement (4 basic) and unremarkable attacking power (slightly below basic mecha), but they are very difficult to kill due to their high HP/carapace.
  • Bionic Sporeboat (submarine): Starter biomech. Although the direct damage from the spore isn’t too great, it does cause corrosion and is a guaranteed hit. The spore doesn't have to be present to attack. Comes with a funny pog-face.
  • Healing Ball Support): Does everything it says on the tin. Can be taken into asteroid belts. It also has reasonable HP, so it can take some effort to kill itself.
  • Carapace Cruiser warship (): Decently speedy (5 Base), high HP and has self-heal. Bone Rifle can do a lot of damage, but it has limited accuracy.
  • Chimera Champion A (titan): Basically, a melee cruiser. Chase comes with the cruiser for more fun.
  • Pterosaur Fighter Fighter): One among the best units of its cla*s. (7 base), stupidly fast and difficult to hit with 70 agility. Self-heal. Acid Sprayer causes a lot of corrosion and does a lot.
  • Parasite Carrier Support) (: The most powerful unit in the game. Its parasite-spore is a guarantee 3-turn mind control for any unit it hits. High health, decently quick (5 base and), and the ability to teleport. Also has healing and hypnosis abilities, although you should be using the spore to reload it if possible.


Some starting factions

(Maybe I'll replace it with a brief strategy guide to each of the playable alliances later)
I would recommend setting the alien invasion direction opposite side of the map to whatever faction you choose. This is unless you are an experienced player and can bait the aliens into hostile territory.
Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Some starting factions - 624D8D0
Northsky Fleet It is also the closest to the default alien invasion point, making it the easiest starting faction. It has six initial planets (that are twice as many as other factions and no enemies, except for the Omnic Apocalypse far away, whom you can safely leave to the rest of the players. Li Chengsong, your faction leader, has 4-range lances to engage many targets without having to counterattack.
Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Some starting factions - DACB1D9
Lycurgus Corps There is another way to start. While you're right next to the Omnics and have no other enemies, a few neutral planets are close by. The alien invasion will default be on the opposite side of the galaxy. It is difficult to rely on cannons for ranged fighting, but you have good buffs for melee combat and the ram weapons on ships.
Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Some starting factions - 70988BF
Omnic Apocalypse This is just the beginning. Technically, you are at war with all of humanity's galaxy. However, most people have their own immediate problems. Use this opportunity to defeat enemies nearby, secure territory, or negotiate truces. Your primary weapon types (Railgun and) wave cannon are excellent. You also have strong policies to research so you can be a late-game powerhouse.
Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Some starting factions - E423918
Emishi Pirates It can be difficult or easy depending on the direction of an alien invasion. There are plenty of vacant real estate around you. Your enemies are Eastgalaxy, the Southern Principality to your south and southwest. But be careful as Northsky could opportunistically declare military war on you. Your main weapon type is (missiles) that can attack Imperials in a blind spot between their lance and cannon ranges (attack with a chess Knight's move away). You also have a commander talent and policy that gives damage buffs to Imperials. You can lure the aliens into Imperial territory by baiting them.
Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Some starting factions - 32A64A9
Free Stars It's a difficult start with only two planets of economic value and Tigerhill as an unfriendly neighbour. Invest in the development of neutral planets while protecting the Southern Principality. Once you have some cashflow, you can use the Revolution faction mechanic to grab other people’s planets (. This includes those of 'friendly’ factions).
Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Some starting factions - D0E2800
Eastgalaxy Company It is also very difficult. You are a Tigerhill neighbor, and Emishi Pirates may be coming down for revenge in quick order (. Consider buying a truce immediately). The good news is that gold will no longer be a problem. After you've dealt effectively with immediate threats use bribery, Alienate and other means to carve up the rest as needed.

Resource management

Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Resource management - 00F0F77
(This is my experience with medium-high player econ bonuses + medium AI econ benefits, or low + very; I can't speak for high-high or low runs)
Early game, your focus should be first and foremost be on building Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Resource management - F8EAC1F gold-producing structures: hive cities, civil ports, and some faction uniques. Gold is transformed into buildings that give you more gold as well as supplies. It's also used to purchase military equipment and pay salaries. It is important to remember that officers are paid more as they progress in rank. This is something you should keep in mind when managing your early game cashflow.
You may also want to purchase Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Resource management - 159AD75supply production(farms, mines or mines production), to meet your current military's upkeep and to stock up for future wars.
You don't have to buy many military units unless you need them. They cost gold that can be spent elsewhere, cost supplies to purchase, and are difficult to maintain.
It is important to pay attention to the Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Resource management - 6A1D26Cunrest planet's output (. Mouse over the unrest amount) on the planet screen to see a breakdown. Unrest can lower the planet's income (. The penalty scales are linearly reduced to 50% at 100 levels of unrest). This applies all outputs gold, supplies, alien knowledge, labor, and learning points. Rebel fleets can also be born on planets with high unrest levels. They are easily defeated if there's a decent fleet nearby, but they can be quite annoying.
To reduce unrest, build one or more leisure complexes. How many you need will depend on what you build and how big the planet is. Farms, mines and hive cities increase unrest, while labs don't. Some factions (like Lycurgus’s training grounds or Free Stars’ immigration office) increase unrest.
You can also stop unrest by parking an officer on the world, preferably one with high Admin scores. You can use the Pacify People strategy ability to bring down unrest on a planet.
Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Resource management - D086A28Labor This is a specific resource for planets, unlike the other types. It's used for building upgrades, which is how planets continue to grow. Every planet has a Command Center that generates labor. However, a few early farms will speed things up.
Upgrading buildings can generate more income and unemployment, so make sure your leisure areas keep up with your cities, mines, and farms.
Protip The Auto Update checkbox located in the top right corner of the planet screen will allow you to automatically upgrade your empire's buildings.
Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Resource management - DBC6104Learning points are a tertiary resource. They unlock new policies, (.) is a highly valuable resource, but it's not urgently pressing like gold or supplies. Don't invest too much in them. If you're playing Omnics, you will have more knowledge than what you know how to do. You can spend some on skill chip for your officers.
Later in the game gold becomes more abundant than supply, so you should shift your attention to the latter.

Other stuff

Strategy layer tips

Set Base is a function that can be used on a planet (. This button is located in lower-righte17Y. It will move your fleet's spawn point closer towards the front line. This cost 10k Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Resource management - F8EAC1Fgold first time, and then increases by 5k each time.
Starlanes are twice as fast as normal, but only if you, an allie, or va*sal, control the planets at both ends.
While units captured from other factions don't always have the right policies, they can still be useful. If they're compatible to a commander's skill or talent, they might be. If you have the right policy, go wild.
If aliens are planning to invade your territory, you can have a fleet of them lured to your neighbors.
Even if you don’t have access the Blackdragon Spawns invading Blackdragon Spawns to unlock alien research, you can kill the Sandsea space worms (south-southwest region of) to unlock alien research.
It is easier to let a competitor faction soften a minor one for you, then move into to grab their planet.
Although fighters are a great addition to a fleet’s a*sault power, they are much less efficient than mecha.

Tips for tactical layers

Chaos Galaxy 2 Chaotic Tips - Other stuff - A77A68A
A unit that walks into a dived enemy submarine will lose its turn and the submarine will be subject to an ambush attack (. A useful trick is to be able to predict enemy movement patterns and park dived submarines in their paths.
Forts, even though they are significantly buff from CG1, are generally weak by themselves. They can be used to protect your fleet, provide meat shields, and to finish weakening enemies. They also don't require upkeep. A few unlockable Forts, such as the Regent Forces' Tongguan are also quite powerful.
An attack from the unit's front corners (, directly left and to the right of the tile in its front) is considered a frontal attack. An attack from the rear corner counts as a flank) attack, but not a rear (attack. This is useful for units with circle-range weapons, especially cannons.
The target's remaining HP decreases, which means that the chance of instakill increases. The target's morale declines, so the temptation chance increases.
The second attack, when using double attack tactics skills will be not protected against (unless it is covered by a carapace).

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