Conflict of Nations: World War 3 Beginner Advice & Help

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Basic Things


The most important thing in this game is that you keep your economy on a good level. If your economy isn’t doing well and your game becomes far more difficult, almost impossible.

The game began

Once you’ve joined the game, you can start creating “Recruit offices,” After that, you can create National Guards. Soon as possible, try to build an “Arm’s industry.”

I suggest National Guards’ (and) be used at the start of the game. NGs can protect your land, and at the start of the game, it makes your homeland safe.

The most important thing is that NG’s aren’t expensive!

Don’t mobilize these!

Don’t waste time with armored units. The easiest thing to get rid of in this game is the armor. Also, the armored is one of the most popular units in the game. You will be in good shape in case you can eliminate them. Armored is expensive, so you can utilize the materials for other purposes.

More useful information

Each unit has strengths and weaknesses of its own.

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