CosmicBreak Universal HP Restore Values

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The values could change if there are future balance adjustments or changes. These will be updated as often as possible, and I will continue to add more information. This is a list of the things I’ve tested and their repair values.

Repair Values

121: Anna Comet

81: Buff Devastator

81: Papo BS

80: Amy

65: The Magic Book

60: Melfi EO

30: Ion chan

36: Medigear AM4

60: Medigear AM2

51: Chibi Melfi

42: Overall Chibi’s

42: HILTI Repair restore

30: Amy’s bed

22: Repair Bit

10: Hilti Garage Bit

22: Medic ball repair AM

18: Medic ball’s ride on

11: Mini Repair Bit

10: Repair unit

51: Orphenous

30: Give repair (Wanderer PATA)

20: Summon Pata (PATAHD)

7: Buff Devastator FL

7: Priestol Q Auto Repair field

7: Heat wave AM (Priestol)

9: Priestol G Auto repairs field

9: Liefy BS

11: Repair gun (Priestol G)

7: Auto repair field (Regina)

8: Auto repair + Clearance (Regina)

3: Auto repair field (Regina–Chan)

75: Medicarest Repair Medicine

Useful Information

#**Revenge Shot Activation Opportunities**

The current percentage of maximum HP increases the chance of activation.

HP Percentage = Trigger Probability











Multi-round weapons are calculated based on each bullet.

Credits = Duo Luo San Mei Shi , todes07Shi (Hilti-san & Todes07 –

Total healing duration for repair bit, including the amount of HP that was restored.

Str 1 Tec 40: 35 sec. HP 258 (HP 335 + Tough Wonder Bite))

Str 3 Tec 18 : ~40 sec, HP 300

Str 10 Tec 10 : ~45 sec, HP 340

Str 40 Tec 40 : ~69 sec, HP 430

Information about auto repair

The tests began with the amount of HP I had, and then I was given the amount from auto repair.

Priestol G: 80 > 215, 135 HP recovered (9HP each tick)

Priestol Q: 45 > 150 = Recovered 105 HP (7HP per tick.)

Regina: Restores 105 HP total. (7HP per tick.)

Liefy BS : 205 > 259 = 54HP recovered. (9HP per tick.)

Buff Deva FL: 195 > 300 = 105 HP recovered. (7HP per tick.)

Liefy BS’s auto-repair buff lasts 6 seconds.

Buff Devastator FL’s auto buff repairs take just 11 seconds.

Priestol G’s auto-repair buff lasts for 15 seconds

Priestol Q’s auto-repair buff lasts for 15 seconds

Regina Winberyl’s auto-repair skills last for 15 seconds

Misc information

  • Medigear Sign restores 5-6% ammo per shot.
  • Bioran HD has ammo buff > lasts for 8 seconds > regens 6% of ammunition.
  • Medicarest is available for 6 seconds.
  • Medicarest Repair Medicine Grants Accelerate After the Timer.
  • Yunessa’s protection zone allows up to three people to receive vanics. (cannot be restored with ammo.)
  • Amy’s repair medicine and Liefy’s auto repair BS allows her to bypa*s the heart-clock timer by combining them.
  • Hypershot bit or repair bit under power spot makes repair bit heal faster than when the effect is not present.
  • After purifying the auto-repair field. Players who come in contact with the repair field are granted auto repair + clearance.
  • Chibi Ion’s purify works only on Regina’s humanoid version, but not Regina-Chan.
  • Wanderers Pata bat restores 20 hp (per hit)
  • Give heal drops x5, 30HP repair hit. (Wanderer PATA BD)
  • Shroom BD/AM inflicts Slow Turn & Poison
  • Buff devastator BD can heal up to 6 people (Long range buff)
  • Papo BS heals up 3 allies (No buffs.)
  • Medigear AM3 () heals up 6 people (Hypershot buff)
  • Melfi’s repair bubbles can heal up to 6 people. (can be changed.)
  • Buff Devastator FL can’t replenish ammo on shock field (BD2@)

CosmicBreak Universal HP Restore Values is described in this guide. If you notice anything that needs to be fixed or updated, please let us know in the comments, and we’ll get to it as quickly as possible. May this be a good day for you. Nans, the post creator and author, served as an inspiration for this entry.

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