Cultivation Story: Reincarnation Easy build for any difficulty

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Who needs to improve their skills if bosses can be destroyed in a matter seconds? This is the place to be if you want an easy build that can easily destroy any boss before they can do anything else.


This is the idealistic way to clear a room in 1-2 seconds. So how do you do that?

1. You will need an enhanced Weapon or weapon combo. They come with modified attack animations. It can clean the entire screen with the right techniques and some luck.

2. The damage must be properly scaled from the beginning until the end.

3. High HP combined with healing ability allows you to take no damage.

4. You don’t have to worry about Lifespan

5. Running speed is great

The Build

You will need to unlock Soul Lantern’s Unitary build to build this build. You can follow these steps once you have obtained this build. You will only be able to select 155 points. Any additional points may be used for HP, damage and damage reduction, attacks, etc.

Cultivation Story: Reincarnation Easy build for any difficulty - The Build - 422CE2B

It combines the high damage of Body build and the life and HP benefits that Demonic builds offer. You can create a solid build.

The Cultivation Methods

Mountain Climb and Note from the Blacksmith are the best, as they increase your max HP. This allows you to tank any taken damages. Note of Blacksmith is an excellent alternative to both.

Other great ways to use:

– Mental attack – High damage and fast recovery.

– Weapon Control – High DPS on weapon attacks since we use dual-wielding, physical attacks.

– Sight focus and plant identification: More damage.

Require technique combo:

– Deep pockets. This combo does insane bonus damage. Combining it with a high attack rate (via follow-up attack, CD, dual wielding, etc) we can achieve high DPS

Supporting technique combinations: These are optional, but you should make every effort to get them.

Dire Hit: When you reach 200% Crit Rate, your attack crit two times. It does high damage when we have high bonus damage and base damage

– Technique of Dunjia: 2x bonus damage = more damage

– Divine – More HP and damage with other combos

– Elemental Restraints: 200% physical injury

– Dominating Charge: speed + bonus damage

– At the pinnacle: More stats about bonuses


Any enhanced weapon should work. However, I prefer Tang Blade because it can cover the entire screen. It allows you to keep away from boss for safety and clears the room quickly.

Result: You have a high level of damage, high HP, and high speed. There is no need to worry about your lifespan. We can also reach the highest cultivation levels, unlocking all 9 levels and many other nice bonuses.

Cultivation Story: Reincarnation Easy build for any difficulty - The Build - 3C43744

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