Dead by Daylight Basic Survivor Guide

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Spoopy fast guide to how to deal with those killer willers as a survivor


Mai is my name, and I am an Iri 1Survivor Main. I have a lot of knowledge, but I want to help those just getting started in the game with some tips!

The guide will cover the following:

  • Your main tasks/goals in being a survivor
  • What the tools are and how they work.
  • What are the perks?
  • There are two basic ways to loop or lose your killer
  • individual killer tips

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As a survivor you should strive to be able to do these tasks as needed.

Mechanic– Main objective

  • Completing generators is a way to win the trial.
  • It would be best if you were not running for your life, but instead looking to build a generator.

Survivor – Avoid getting downed/hooked.

  • You can keep yourself healthy with med kits, boons or self- and team healing.
  • You can slow down the progress of potential generators if you are hooked. Your team will have to rescue you.
  • While it is important to avoid killers, you often waste time that could be spent on a generator.

Chaser – Waste Killers Time

  • Your team will be able to complete generators if they win chases and keep the killer busy.
  • You should do all you can to help your team mates on generators take the away.
  • While you keep the killers eye on you, a survivor may rescue your teammate.

Savior: Rescue of hooks, heal and take protection hits

  • Sometimes people will spam crouch to communicate their need for healing.
  • It is possible to save survivors from being hookeds if the killer is distracted by another activity. Keep an open mind for other opportunities.
  • If a killer sets up a hook, rush the generators and waste your time.



You can only start the game with one tool. Additional tools can also be found in the trial from chests.

Flashlights:– Disruption

Flash lights can be turned on and pointed at the eyes of killers. It’s easier to do this if a killer is acting such as “Vaulting”, Picking up a survivor or Breaking a pallet.” Blinding killers, while they are carrying a survivor, can make them drop survivors.

Keys: Aura Reading

To open the hatch, keys can be used. Keys can also be equipped with an add-on to see the killer’s and other survivors’ auras.

Map:– Knowledge

It can be used to locate key points of interest on the map. An add-on allows you to view where traps, generators, exit gates, escape hatches, chests and so on are located.

Med-kits:– All Round Good

For you and other survivors, healing is possible.

Toolbox Generator Rush/ Sabotage

The generator makes progress faster, which ultimately helps with game completion. It also can be used to remove hooks temporarily


Perks can be a matter of personal preference and come in many combinations. Here is a quick summary to give you an overview.

What perks are:

Perks can be bonuses added to the survivors’ play style. This does not relieve survivors of their responsibilities to achieve their goals. Perks can be a way to help.

You can choose from many styles:

– Sabotaging

– Looping

– Life

– Faster Generator Development

– Haste


Aura Reading

– Misdirection

– Teamwork



Read and level some initial survivors to unlock a play style and expand upon it.

Dwight – Teamwork + Generator Progress

Meg Thomas – Outrun the killer

Claudette – Self-sufficient Healer

Jake Park – Sabotage

William “Bill” over beck – Self-preservation

David King – Scrape With the Killer

Nea Karlsson: Avoid the killer

You can learn a lot from playing these characters and what to look out for in future characters that you unlock.

The prestige and level 50 characters will allow you to use their perks with other characters. Many of the first characters also have valuable perks.

i found useful

My Current Build:

This build helps me stay a step ahead and out of sticky situations.

Alert: You can see the killer’s aura during and after a break action.

Windows of Opportunity: Look around for the aura of pallets and windows near you.

Dead Hard: This allows you to take an endurance hit by the killer and gain some distance during the chase.

Distortion allows me to block the aura reading capabilities of the killer.

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Why I Take Alarm – []


Adrenaline – Heal one state of health + Haste when the exit doors are opened.

Windows of Opportunity: Look around for the aura of pallets and windows near you.

Dead Hard: This allows you to take an endurance hit by the killer and gain some distance during the chase.

Off the Record – Endurance and Make no noises for 80 seconds after being unhooked.


Escaping Chases

All of this is part of escaping chases. This will make it easier to succeed.


You can make your environment more hostile to criminals by using things. Keep an eye out to find vaults, windows and pallets. Pallets can be dropped onto killers to stun and can also be used as a way to keep the killer at bay. Although killers can break these, it takes time. You have the option to use that time for distance or escape.


What is looping:

The killer can be placed in a small section with a pallet or window to prolong the chase and make it more valuable.

Why Loop:

The more time you loop, the easier it is for your team to accomplish objectives or tasks. You can also loop against killers by using mind games to create distance or escape the killer.

How to loop the “Fast Version.”

Follow the direction that keeps you as far away from the killer as possible. Keep going in circles around the section until you catch up to the killer. Next, use the window/pallet to create a wall around the killer.

This allows you to observe the killer the killer and make a decision based on their next move. You can watch the killer move in the opposite way to where they are going. They may jump again on the pallet or window if they close the gap.

If the killer decides vault the window, or destroy the pallet of food, they should immediately move to the next location. This will delay them.

Then Repeat!

Example of Looping 1

Example of Looping 2

Individual Killer Tips

These are listed alphabetically.

Artist-Map Control

She will try to locate you on generators or place crows at risky places. She can emit audible “q”s when she uses them. This means that changing your movement or turning off the generator for a moment can make a difference. Can punch crows while running.

Billy– Mobility

If you hear billy charges, you can move to the side or around walls to get the chainsaw.

Blight– Mobility

Similar to billy: Try to snake around and dodge.

Blight Example – []

Cenobite Map Control

Windows and Pallets can be very useful against cenobite. Even if he chains your hands, he won’t be able to get you.

Cenobite Example

Clown Strategic

If you are caught in the chase of the clown, he will throw potions at your head to get you off.

Deathslinger Mid Range Chase

Avoid his line of sight. He can hit you with the gun and chain you up. Pallets are a great solution as he can’t pull you over the pallet.

Demogorgon Map Control

Try not to spam pallets right away. Instead, try to drag out the chase a bit.

Dredge Map Control

To slow him down, you can lock his lockers. You can lock only one locker if you find more than one. This will prevent him from being able to select the other one to teleport.

Doctor Chase

Run and Loop.

Executioner Mid Range

Be unpredictable, and you will be able to avoid the executioner. He will look to heavy swing through walls in your direction of escape. The projectile can be seen on the ground as it pa*ses through the wall. It is worth trying to fake a direction by breaking the line of sight to bait this.

Freddy-Map Control

Don’t waste time trying to wake up. It is not worth wasting so much time with the generator.

Hag– Traps

You can either crouch down and not set the traps off, or you can do so. You can also set them off in an intentional manner to distract her.

Ghostface Stalker and Stealth

If you look at him, he will reveal himself to you. If he successfully stalks and hits you, the exposed debuff will instantly make you feel down.

Huntress Mid-Long Range

When she is charging up a hatchet, you can listen. This killer can be stopped by breaking the line of sight. After using up her supplies, she must replenish them in a locker.

Knight Strategic

Don’t let greed get in the way of a soldier who can cut your exit or remove your pallet.

Leatherface Close Range

Vaults and pallets can be very useful in keeping an object safe between you, the owner, and your partner.

Legion– Mobility

You will spend a lot time mending. Legion can also vault fast in a frenzy, so try to avoid waiting until you drop a pallet.

Mastermind– Mobility

He can sprint multiple times. It would be best if you were careful not to run side to side or cross the line of sight. If you do, he will almost immediately catch you. When this killer chases you, you will want to run continuously and not just loop.

Mastermind Example – []

Myers Stalker

“Stalkers subcla*s of killers. You will want to make certain he doesn’t keep sight of you as he grows stronger. His sound intensity can measure his power level.

Nemesis Mid-Range Chase

He can whip over windows and pallets, so don’t be greedy.

Nurse– Mobility

She can blink through walls, so aim to break the line of sight. Keep an eye on the orb in hand and try to trick it if it is not out. Sometimes, she will even get thrown off by a double back.

Nurse Example – []

– Remember that a Nurse is only as good as the person who plays it

Oni– Mobility

Dodge side-to-side so he can charge/run really fast

Onryo Map Control

Don’t waste too much time on the tapes.

Pig Stealth

Keep an eye on her crouching.

Plague– Map Control + Ranged

She can infect survivors with generators or hooks. A fountain can heal her of corrupted malaria. She is a killer that you’d rather have her learn to loop/waste time than avoid.

Spirit Map Control

She can’t even see you when she phase walks. She can, however, hear you and see scratch marks. She can also block off pallets by letting her body go. You can see her phase by walking once you hear it.

Trapper– Traps

Many traps will be found near exits or in gra*sy areas that are difficult to avoid. However, you can disarm them. You can loop them until he sets a trap, then you can move on while he places it.

Trickster Mid Range

He can throw knives at me, but they can also bounce off walls. Keep an eye out for your survivor icon to see how many times he takes you down. Breaking his line of sight and losing his daggers will cause him to go to the locker to restock.

Twins Strategic

You can help twins by crouching behind pallets or windows and playing with your teammates. Note: Sometimes, it’s worth taking the baby hostage.

Wraith Stealth

Early drops the pallets. Using windows and staying healthy are key. Looping is not recommended.

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