Dead Space Remake Stutter FIX

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There are a few ways to take action to speed up the game, particularly during combat or fast movement.


After loading the game, I experienced stuttering for about 3-5 minutes. Here are some strategies I tried to stop it.

1. Disable HAGS

2. Game.exe: Disable Fullscreen Optimization

3. Play on a Borderless Window

4. Disable RTAO in the game

5. Remove Motion Blur from game

To stop the stuttering during combat and traversal, make use of

Disable Nvidia Control Panel frame limiter


Instead, you can use the Rivatuner FPS frame limiter.

I play Ultrawide 3440×1440, and my G-Sync limit is 117 fps.

Rivatuner has been disabled to ensure that combat doesn’t stop after it is enabled. The only moment I feel anxious is when I open doors to another zone.

We hope that you find this helpful information. The Devs quickly corrected this issue.

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