Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Change Villager Roles?

Hello and welcome to this blog post In this guide, we will tell you all about Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Change the Villager Roles? Following this step-by-step guide, you can change roles step by step.


How to alter one’s position as a Villager

Fans have been waiting for the ability to switch between the roles of the villagers within the game. The most recent update to Disney Dreamlight Valley has made it possible. However, you’ll need to undergo a unique procedure to change the roles of the villager. It is possible to imagine that changing the role of a villager is as easy as clicking on the villager in question and selecting a new role for them, but in reality, the process is more involved than it appears. Let’s see.

To change the responsibilities of the villagers, you’ll have to prepare a Training Handbook at one of the numerous Crafting Stations scattered across the world. Be aware that to accomplish this, you will need a minimum of a level 2 relationship with the villager whose position you’d like to alter in the future. Before you go, consider this. Next, create the Training Manual. This will require a predetermined amount of resources. Then, hand the manual to the villager. This will immediately start the task you’ve a*signed them. The Potion and Enchantment Bar is where you’ll find every individual Manual. You can complete five tasks digging, fishing, foraging, and gardening. The following table lists each of these roles and the necessary resources.


The Training Manual’s Cost of Resources


Training ManualResources Cost
Digging Manual5,000 Dreamlight, 20 Pebbles, 20 Sand, 30 Soil
Fishing Manual5,000 Dreamlight, 2 Swordfish, 5 Bream, 10 Herring
Foraging Manual5,000 Dreamlight, 30 Banana, 20 Blueberry, 10 Basil
Gardening Manual5,000 Dreamlight, 40 Corn, 60 Tomato, 20 Carrot
Mining Manual5,000 Dreamlight, 2 Topaz, 2 Aquamarine, 2 Peridot


As you can see, these manuals are pricey, so take care to give them to the villager who is responsible and put aside some money for the event that a job is required to be changed in the future. To prevent those bonds of friendship from deteriorating and stronger, make it a priority to continue hanging out with the entire population of the village and take part in the same activities with them. Have a blast!

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