Disney Dreamlight Valley How to complete A Story to Tell? (Olaf Friendship Quest)

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Olaf is always cheerful and plans to tell a great story with Dreamlight Valley residents. Olaf can be granted villager status and start his second Friendship Quest, A Tale to Tell. This is where he seeks the ideal story to tell on his newly built stage. Find out everything you should know about A Story to Tell, Olaf’s second Friendship Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


The steps to finish Olaf’s second Friendship Quest takes place in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley and is titled A Story to Tell.

Before you can start this quest, there are certain requirements. You’ll require Remy and Elsa, Both of whom you’ve hopefully invited to return to your Village. Chez Remy and the Forgotten Lands Biome also need to be unlocked. In addition, you have to be at Friendship Level 4 with Olaf.

Talk with Olaf afterward. His stories tend to veer off a bit before he finally gets to the meat of the subject. Before telling a story, an enjoyable snack is necessary. Remy’s will be delighted to share his recipe with you. Here are the ingredients to be aware of:

Toasted Corn Pure Ice Two sugarcanes Two sticks of Butter (Ask Elsa for it, she’ll hand it to you without difficulty.)

Goofy’s Stall on Dazzle Beach sells seeds for growing corn and sugarcane. Remy’s Pantry in Chez Remy sells butter. Once you have everything you require, you can bring it to your kitchen. Put the ingredients into the pot by hand and then use one Coal Ore to cook everything. You’ll make Sweet Frost Popcorn, which is a tasty treat. Get Olaf the popcorn back.

Olaf is now fully eager to listen to your story. After you’ve finished explaining, he will have additional questions about the Valley following The Forgetting. Talk to Donald and Kristoff. They have different opinions on the same tale. You can go through the story once more by consulting Olaf.

Olaf has one final thing you must do to prepare for the show. He would love photographs of the places. The quest will end when you’ve handed the photos back.

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