Disney Dreamlight Valley How to complete Mirabel’s A Taste of Home quest?

Hey there, welcome to this post, In this guide, we will tell you all about Disney Dreamlight Valley How to complete Mirabel’s A Taste of Home quest? Following this guide step by step.

Thanks to the A Festival of Friendship event, our most beloved Disney characters, like Olaf and Mirabel, are appearing in Disney Dreamlight Valley. You won’t be able to start the quests of these characters until you have unlocked them and then raised your level of friendship with them. This is the process to complete the A Taste of Home quest that Mirabel presents in Disney Dreamlight Valley.


How to finish the A Taste of Home quest given to you by Mirabel in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

After you have removed Mirabel and returned her to the valley, The first quest, Healing House, will be available for you to complete for her. When you’ve completed helping her enhance and renovate her home for this quest, you will be able to unlock the second quest, A Taste of Home.

In the second quest, Mirabel will express how much she pines for the comfort food her mother used to cook. Because she has lost a portion of her memories, she will speak about the dish Buñuelos, but she won’t be able to remember the exact recipe. You can a*sist her in preparing the dish. Then, you will take the dish and head to Chez Remy’s. You will ask him to try the dish and provide his expert opinion on the ingredients. Remy will only provide details about the three primary ingredients. It is your responsibility to decide which fourth ingredient you prefer.

Remy will tell you that the recipe calls for Wheat, Eggs, and Milk, and He will also provide hints regarding the fourth ingredient. Cheese is the fourth component that has not been included. Eggs, milk, and cheese are some of the products that can be bought from Remy’s pantry using Star Coins. Cheese can be bought for 180 Star Coins, while an entire gallon of milk will set you back approximately 230 Star Coins eggs will cost 220 Star Coins. Lastly, wheat seeds can be bought at Goofy’s Stall, Peaceful Meadow for 1 Star Coin each. Now is the time to prepare Buñuelos. Bring the dish to Mirabel, and you can be sure that she will be delighted to get it.

However, this isn’t the end of the story. She will request that you share the dish with two people from the village. You must prepare the dish again and serve it to Mickey Mouse and Scrooge McDuck. At Chez Remy’s, prepare the dish three times using the same ingredients, and give it to each character mentioned in the previous sentence. After this, you should come back to speak to Mirabel. This will end the quest A Taste of Home, which Mirabel was on in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

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