Dream Team Basketball Speed Starter Deck

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A brief guide to deck building for new players.

Speed Starter Deck

As a new player, the starter deck, although basic, has some pretty raw power. There are several ways to progress with your first deck. You should open the initial 25 packs and then build your first legendaries.

1. Tatum Speed Deck

The first legend of Tatum is a formidable one. His stats are impressive, and he could fit well in an SPD deck. Tatum also has a unique skill that makes him more powerful if you have SPD cards in your deck.

The speed deck for Tatum will have to be a collection of SPD cards with one of the following skills:

Team Transition: Shoot x times with Base ACC40, and 3PC 0, to earn a Bonus Pa*s for any SPD on your team

One Touch Pa*s One Touch Pa*s: Pa*s x times a teammate and get a Bonus Pa*s to each SPD on Team.

Your deck should have the following cards available from the beginning:

Jaeson Taetum

Kenba Valker

Isac Boga

You should also include 3-4 of these cards that you’ve taken from your initial boosters, or you could create.

Expensive (needs fame investment).

Jaylen Grinn

Kelliy Oubrre

LaMello Boll

Riki Robio

Cheap (minimum investment)

JayDee Davidson

Austyn Riverz

Monty Morriz

Patrik Mills

Complete the deck with cards that give bonuses to other SPD cards or that can be a benefit from having many SPD players.

Strong recommend for Ishmal Smit who has 2 SPD auras and is comparatively cheap to craft. Other options:

Paiton Watsun

Kirac Luis

Amirr Cofey

Emanuel Quigley

Denis Schredder

Terri Rosier

Kendrik Nomm

Sample Deck:

Dream Team Basketball Speed Starter Deck - Speed Starter Deck - 905ECC4

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