Fallen Hero: Rebirth Eyes Open Achievement

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Guide to earning the “Eyes Open Achievement.”

The Problem to be Solved

I noticed that a few people struggled with this feat. I initially commented on the Reddit thread. However, I decided I would share the solution here.

The variable “look” must be true at every chapter’s close. It’s not a bug. These guides are incorrect. “#No. “#No. “My mind is now mine.” “#No. I’m stronger than that, and I will not let this slip.” Sets the variable to false, and all choices after that make it true. Maybe the guides were wrong, and the game was redesigned. I’m not sure. -\_(tsu)_/-

You can also choose to skip the entire game. These are the only important choices when you wish to accomplish your goal. The other choices aren’t as important as long as you select the right ones here. (TIP) Switch off the “Animate between Pages” option in the settings. This will make everything run much faster.

If it doesn’t work, let me know. Maybe I have missed something in the guide’s revision.


(This is the option that allows the variable “look” natural.

I take a closer look. You may find clues.

(The other option ensures that the variable “look” is false and isn’t altered by the other options. The “OR” signifies that both choices are acceptable.

#…imagining it was an artificial special effect—OR #…looking at it with fascination.

#I am willing to walk into my inner self and accept what is to be.

#Yes. I’m exhausted from fighting. This is what I want to welcome. OR #Yes. I must accept this if I want to comprehend it truly.

The accomplishment will be revealed in the “A New Villain is Born” section at the end of the chapter/episode.

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