FAR: Lone Sails Spoiler Free Achievement guide

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Guide to complete 100% without spoilers!

Play the game at your pace. Then, come back to this guide after you’ve completed the story. To reach the achievement “It’s more than 9000!” you will need two more times to play the game.

On the second run, we will complete the more difficult achievements. This will save time and make completing the speed-run achievement ‘I got 9000!’ easier. This will unlock the final achievement, “It’s over 900,000.” You must play through the game three times.

Read the story once more.

You will have to complete the game 3 times. Therefore, you can comfortably leave your first playthrough and continue to play at your own pace.

Avoid using walkthroughs for some puzzles. It is much more rewarding.

I had to use the walkthrough at one stage. I wonder if you can guess what part?

When you’re done playing your first game, return to this guide.

Second Playthrough

I hope you enjoyed the story, and welcome back!

According to the statistics, most of the Achievements will have 8 upon completion of the first run.

FAR: Lone Sails Spoiler Free Achievement guide - Second Playthrough - 513ECFC

If you have only 7, that’s because 42 items were burned and you relied on wind power to get there. That’s almost enough to be considered an accomplishment in itself. It is the Apocalypse that cares about our environment. Jokes aside, you should use the engine to help you cross the deserts more quickly. You will need to do this to complete the third run in less than 99 minutes.

The rest of the achievements will follow, one by one.

Hidden Achievement:

To obtain this achievement, you will need to be on top of the giant walker and jump above the gla*s dome to reach the front of the ship.

A piece of your Home

FAR: Lone Sails Spoiler Free Achievement guide - Second Playthrough - BB2E103

Keep in mind that little mailbox you found at the start of the game, which you probably took with you and then threw into the furnace for fuel. You will need to bring it with you to the end. You can hang it in your Okomotive bedroom and forget about it. It will still trigger when the credits roll.

FAR: Lone Sails Spoiler Free Achievement guide - Second Playthrough - 354B96A

Mailbox to the left as you approach the barn

The Sound of Silence

FAR: Lone Sails Spoiler Free Achievement guide - Second Playthrough - 9058D1A

It is not a great source of entertainment, but it will be fuel for your radio. It is located at the top of a radio tower. BURN IT ONLY WHILE IT PLAYS MUSIC. OTHERWISE, IT WILL NOT COUNT

Fire in the Hole

FAR: Lone Sails Spoiler Free Achievement guide - Second Playthrough - AAFBC03

Although they are called barrels in the achievement, they are canisters with a fire symbol on their lids. This is not to be confused with the barrels. The achievement is possible by placing all six barrels in the furnace. The 6th barrel is directly before the volcano, so use it now.

FAR: Lone Sails Spoiler Free Achievement guide - Second Playthrough - EC59000These can cause fires and damage to the fuel furnace. As you likely know, we will do this now to save time on the 3rd run.


Then, decide on the focus you want to place for your second run.

  1. Take a piece of Home and hang it up in your bedroom. No further action is required.
  2. The answer in life, the universe and all things – Burn 42 items on the journey to the furnace if it’s not already.
  3. The Sound of Silence — Take the radio, and burn it while it’s still playing in your fuel furnace.
  4. The Fire in the Hole! Soon after you obtain the radio, the repair tool & sucker thing will be handed to you. Consider this your warning to search for the explosive “barrels” (they look more like canisters containing a fire symbol) to ignite the furnace. There are six of them.
  5. Hidden Achievement: The place where my heart is will be.


Third Playthrough

This will be if you have not already achieved the speed run achievement in the first two runs.

FAR: Lone Sails Spoiler Free Achievement guide - Third Playthrough - ED608A1

It is very simple. There are only four things you can do to speed up your run.

  • Make sure you prepare ahead of time. Get your fuel ready, have the sucker/scooper on, keep the Okomotive running, etc…
  • Using breaks is counterintuitive. However, you can use them to prevent yourself from smashing into a barrier at Mach 2. If the Okomotive must be placed over a pressure plate, it is best not to break too soon.
  • Speed is Key is a small flag you can see on your Okomotive to show wind direction and strength. If the flag blows towards the right, lift the sail and keep your engine on.
  • Barrels– These are not explosive barrels. Before you get the sucker/scooper thing to gather fuel for you, make sure you stock up. As you will see, Barrels fill up the fuel gauge. Avoid stopping for every fuel item, as you won’t use them all.

FAR: Lone Sails Spoiler Free Achievement guide - Third Playthrough - 837E886 You should receive the achievement, “It’s More Than 9000!” upon completion of your 3rd Run. For reaching 001 in the distance counter. The distance counter remains active between runs.

I hope this helped to get you to 100% in the game. If you feel something should be added, let me know.

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