Genshin Impact Best Builds and Artifacts for Yelan

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In Genshin Impact, the alluring and enigmatic Yelan has quickly become one of the game’s most popular characters. The previous year was when she first became familiar with the game, as the Ministry of Civil Affairs employs her. She is reportedly someone you may put your faith in, as stated by Ningguang. She is also someone who can take you by surprise. Consider the example of XiangLing bragging about her capacity to eat hot dishes. It should come as no surprise that people desire to include her in their rotation, given her striking good looks and her remarkable ability to battle with a bow. If you want Yelan to become the top player on your squad in Genshin Impact, the following guide will show you how to level her up and achieve that goal.


Yelan Genshin Effect of the Best Build

Yelan is a very uncommon figure who has earned a ranking of five stars. She takes great pride in her ability to use her bow, and thanks to her archery skills, she has proven to be an excellent sub-DPS. Not only that but as time goes on, her talents and elemental bursts get more powerful. Even though she has a few flaws, such as an elemental burst that is not always reliable, you should not disregard her as an opponent. Here is what you need to do to level her up to the point where she can become an excellent secondary damage dealer. You should equip her with a powerful bow like Aqua Simulcara to maximize her potential. If you cannot obtain that bow, some alternatives include the Polar Star, the Thundering Pulse, and the Stringless. If you wish to construct Yelan in Genshin Impact, the following are some of the things you can do.


Genshin Impact of Yelan Treasures and Building

If you want Yelan to benefit your team, you will need to equip her with artifacts, level up her abilities, and put some effort into improving her constellations. You must also pay attention to her CRIT Rate or DMG, Energy Recharge, Hydro DMG Boost, and HP percentage. If you want her to be your primary source of damage dealt, construct her like this. Consider using artifacts like Tenacity of the Millilith x2 and Heart of Deep x2 in your strategy. If you wish to turn her into a Sub-DPS, you should replace the artifacts with four copies of the Emblem of Severed Fate. This will give her a significant boost in damage output. Last but not least, you should change her artifacts so that all four of them are Noblesse Oblige if you want her to be nothing more than a supporting character. Due to the advantages she receives for her elemental bursts, the artifacts Emblem, Tenacity, Heart of Deep, and Noblesse are, in all honesty, the best choices you have for using with Yelan when it comes to using artifacts. If you cannot acquire those particular artifacts, you might investigate The Exile artifact instead.

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