Hogwarts Legacy All endings (SPOILERS)

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All Hogwarts Legacy endings


Hogwarts Legacy has 3 endings:

  • Good
  • Bad
  • “Real”

The final choice determining your ending is The Final Repository quest. Everything will depend on what to do with the same storage from the task’s name.

Whichever ending you choose, upon completion, you will be able to continue playing and exploring the surroundings of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade.

How to get a good ending

What you need to answer for a good ending:

  • “I intend to keep him here.”
  • “I’ll keep it a secret forever.”

What happens in a good Hogwarts Legacy ending:

  • You will become the Keeper of Ancient Magic
  • Professor Fig will take your side but will die after your fight with Ranrok


How to get a bad ending

What you need to answer to get a bad ending:

  • “I intend to open it.”
  • “This power should not be hidden from the world.”

What happens in the bad ending of Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Professor Fig cannot help you hold the power of the Ancient Magic. After the battle, there will be a short cutscene in which the hero uses Ancient Magic
  • Professor Fig dies, and in this ending, the ceremony of farewell to him does not change compared to the good ending


How to get the “real” ending

To complete the game to the “real” ending, you first need to get a good or bad ending, and upon returning to Hogwarts:

  • Solve all puzzles
  • Complete all side quests
  • Complete all relationship storylines

Completing these steps will get the “real” ending, which some call the “secret” ending. In this ending, students celebrate the end of the school year.

How to get both endings in Hogwarts Legacy – Good and Bad


Only if you play each ending in separate saves. Otherwise, you can only choose one of the endings.

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