Hogwarts Legacy All the secrets of Hogwarts

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When you start Hogwarts Legacy, sooner or later you will come across the secrets of Hogwarts, but the game will not tell you how to find them, where they are and, most importantly, how to solve them.

The Secret of the Viaduct

When you come out onto the viaduct, you will see four bowls along the edges in which you can make a fire. They can be lit using a fire spell, but not everything is simple. Be careful; there is a number under each of these bowls, and the solution to the problem depends on turning the bowls to this number, after which the hatch opens. Stand next to the library and look at the bridge, as indicated in the picture. Each bowl corresponds to the following numbers:

  • nearest left – IV
  • far left – I
  • nearest right – II
  • far-right – III

If you do everything right, a hatch opens in front of you, and behind it lies the space under the bridge. And here is the reward – collect chests, and thus, the first task among the tests, “Secrets of Hogwarts,” is completed.

Hogwarts Legacy All the secrets of Hogwarts - Секрет виадука - 4F50B1F

Secret in South Annex

You already know the southern extension; the dueling club is located there. At the very beginning of the game, you visit it, and in the rooms above, it is the second secret of Hogwarts. However, access to this secret is not so easy to obtain. First, you need to deal with the second level of the Aloh*m*ra spell by unlocking it. To do this, you need to collect the statues of Demimaska.

The solution to the problem is to gain access to the four doors locked around the tower. Each entry has bars with small emblems. Look up, high up in the air you will see the same symbols swinging on a pendulum. This is where the Glacius spell comes in handy, which you had to learn at one of the Hogwarts Legacy stages. The spell will help stop the pendulum just before the corresponding emblem – the door is open. The quest is considered completed when you have visited all four rooms. Now little hints:

  • stop the pendulum when one of the symbols matches the symbol on the closed door;
  • the first door is located near the dueling club on the floor
  • find the second floor above;
  • the third can be seen on the left stairs;
  • the fourth is next to the pendulum at the very top.

Hogwarts Legacy All the secrets of Hogwarts - Секрет в Южной пристройке - BAF3790

Secret in the principal’s office

To complete the last task of this quest, you need to get into the office of the headmaster of the school of wizards. First, open the left door, and you will see the way to the director’s private office. Entering, you will find the key, but this is not the end. Leave the office, head down the stairs, and then go down the long corridor. At the end of it, you will see large black doors. This is where your key will be needed; open the doors, and you can safely enter the most secret room of Hogwarts. Quest completed.

Hogwarts Legacy All the secrets of Hogwarts - Секрет в кабинете директора - B931359

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