Hogwarts Legacy Best settings for Steam Deck

Welcome. This Hogwarts Legacy Best settings for Steam Deck Guide was written to be of use to you, and we hope you will find that to be the case.

Steam Deck offers the best graphics settings for smooth gameplay.

SteamOS Settings

  • Automate all clock speeds
  • Refresh rate = 60
  • Framerate = 60
  • FSR on, Sharpness = 5


Game Settings

Video Settings:

  • Fullscreen Windowed
  • VSYNC = Off
  • FPS = 30
  • Upscaling to AMD FSR2.0, then Performance

    Graphics Settings:

  • All on Low


  • Motion Blur = ON (I toggle this whenever I play at 30fps to make it look smoother)

I wouldn’t recommend 40hz unless a performance update is available. It crashed my deck, and I had to restart it, it doesn’t seem like it’s playing nice.

This game is in dire need of a performance update. These are my settings right now. Bye.

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