Hogwarts Legacy Full List of Spells

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This guide will list all 24 spells that can be learned in Hogwarts Legacy.


Spell NameSpell Function
ReparoFixes broken objects
ProtegoGuards you against any damage
LumosCreates light from the tip of your wand
StupefyCast during a Protego cast to stun enemies
IncendioFire spell, which can light torches and demolish webs
AccioInvoke an object in your presence
ExpelliarmusArm your opponent
RevelioHidden items or points of interest are revealed
EvanescoMakes things smaller or larger
DiffindoAttack on the slashing
ConfringoBlasting fire attack
Conjuring SpellMakes items
Altering SpellChanges in the appearance of items
Wingardium LeviosaLevitation with more control than Levioso
FlipendoFlips objects or enemies around
GlaciusUse the freezing spell on fire or water to create an ice melt.
Aloh*m*raUpgrades are possible for unlocked doors
Arresto MomentumSlows down enemies, objects
DescendoYou can force your opponent to the ground
BombardaInflicts ma*sive and explosive damage
Petrificus TotalisUse Disillusionment to petrify your enemies
TransformationChanges target into a different form

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