Hogwarts Legacy Here’s how to get your SAVE back! Complete Instructions [MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER]

Hello and welcome to this Hogwarts Legacy Here’s how to get your SAVE back! Complete Instructions [MORE THAN ONE CHARACTER] guide.


Ok, so maybe you created more than one character. You were then confused when the game crashed, and your save files were lost. These steps will ensure that your characters are returned to you.


Recovering the First Character

Part 1 – Locate and back up your files


  1. Enter %localappdata.com by pressing Win+ R.
  2. Locate “Hogwarts” and navigate towards Saved >SaveGames. Copy the folder that you see (a bunch of numbers in it)


Part 2 – Start a clean saving


  1. Launch HL, and delete any characters created during the Save File issue.
  2. Close the game. Once again, press Win +R, enter: %localappdata%, and find the “Saved” folder.

    Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved and DELETE IT!

  3. Start the game over again and create a brand-new character.



Use the same name and body type you used for your saved character.

  1. Play until two autosaves are made (one when the first cinematic is shown and one when the potion is consumed).
  2. DONT CLOSE, and navigate to “Saved” under:
    Users\[UserName]\AppData\Local\Hogwarts Legacy\Saved.
  3. Locate the auto-saves and note when they were made. These should be the latest in the folder.
    e.g. HL-00-10 & HL-00-11. Note their names.
  4. Go to your backup save folder and locate the file you want to restore (most likely the “newest”).
  5. Replace the save name with the name of the newest save you wish to recover (the one with the higher number in its name).
  6. Replace the 3rd saved file with the renamed file in your backup folder.
  7. You can pause the game and load the saved you just replaced.
  8. Now save the file. Go back to the main menu and check whether the name/character appearance has been restored.
  9. ENJOY


Recovering 2nd Character



  1. After saving your first character, open the main menu and create a second one using a different character slot.
  2. Follow the above instructions except that the save slots reference changes. This can also be seen in the saved file names.

    Character 1 of HL-01-XX is HL00-XX

    HL-01XX is character 2.

    HL-2XX is character 3.

    The steps are the same, but you must use the correct file names.

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