Hogwarts Legacy How to explore the cellar? (In The Shadow of the Estate)

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Hogwarts Legacy has many memorable characters spread across its questlines. Sebastian Sallow has you investigate a cellar as part of his objectives. You will need to know how to navigate the bas*ment. Learn the intricacies of the In the Shade of the Estate task at Hogwarts Legacy now!


How to look at the Estate for Clues in Hogwarts Legacy

In the Shadow of the Estate is set in The Feldcroft Area. Here you will investigate a long-forgotten mansion. You and Sebastian will be traveling here to find Isidora’s bas*ment. Revelio can be used to view all quest objects within the vicinity as you approach the mansion. In the front yard of the estate, there is a well, a stone pile, and a bench. This place is likely to ring a bell if it is mentioned in one of your Pensieve recollections.

Once you have entered, use Revelio to repair the estate’s broken-stone entrance. You can find a portrait of Isidora Moracach. Unfortunately, it has been destroyed so you won’t have the opportunity to communicate with her. Sebastian should be contacted again before you leave. You will need to take a break to look around the mansion more to find the cellar, which is the next item required for the quest.

The cellar’s entry is hidden in a different room. You can only access it by destroying a stone wall with your magic. A blocked pa*sageway made from stone is located on the wall opposite Isidora’s torched portrait. It is possible to get in by Confringo, Depulso, or Bombarda. The cellar entrance can be found down the stairs to the right side.

For more information about the old magic and keepers, locate Isidora’s journal entry in the bas*ment. You can gain access to another cellar area by destroying the bookcases.

Cast Confringo, Incendio, or another similar method to torch the bookcases that block your pa*sage to the next cellar. Lumos are a must, as the death plants in this area are extremely dangerous. You can access the Undercroft from this space by using a mirror. A cutscene will play as soon as you enter the space. After that, an image puzzle will appear on the wall. This photo puzzle can be solved if you stick to Sebastian’s objectives from Hogwarts Legacy.

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