Hogwarts Legacy How to get All three Unforgivable Curses

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All three Unforgivable Curses


Avada Kedavra

Hogwarts Legacy How to get All three Unforgivable Curses - English - 13A30A7I’m sure that the majority of players would like to kill someone. For that, they’ll need this spell. But, to unlock this spell, you’ll need 28 level, so you’ll be able complete it only at the conclusion or after the main story. You can unlock and acquire the Avada Kedavra by progressing through Sebastian’s Relationship questline, where you have to complete the “In the Shadow of the Relic” quest to get “Avada Kedavra”.


  • You must complete your quest and track Sebastian down into the Feldcroft region.
  • There, you can interact and chat with Sebastian Sallow.
  • While you are having a conversation, choose the “Everyone should know the curse” option.
  • To learn about the death curse to learn about the killing curse, click the “Yes Please” dialog option.

This would bring you to the finish of the Shadow of the Relic quest. You will be rewarded with the Avada Kedavra magic.


Hogwarts Legacy How to get All three Unforgivable Curses - English - D73D4FDThe most famous Unforgivable Curse gives the spellcaster complete control over the subject. It is not true if you think you can only ask your opponent to walk in the way you would like. This is a very useful curse to use in battle, and I highly recommend it. This spell will give enemies white eyes that glow and a green crossmark whenever they are targeted.

This spell can be found in the quest “In The Shadows Of Time”. You can complete this quest by looking for the Owl Post in your menu for a letter from Sebastian at the level of 17.


  • You must complete the quest to reach Sebastian’s childhood home.
  • Once you’ve reached the cave, you can go inside it.
  • Find the ancient Relic.
  • After the mission, Sebastian can teach you the curse.



Hogwarts Legacy How to get All three Unforgivable Curses - English - CE6E44FAnother unforgivable curse which is not permitted to be used, but as a player, you are free to use it with any restrictions. You must first complete a set of quests from Sebastian’s quest line. This spell can damage the enemy during the whole battle. It’s also the first Unforgivable Curse Harry Potter used in his 5th book.

So to unlock it, you’ll be offered the quest “In The Shadows Of the Study”.


  • You must complete the quest to access Slytherin’s Scriptorium and find a door that will require you to use the inexplicably magical.
  • There, interact and talk to Sebastian Sallow.
  • While having the conversation, choose to perform the curse by yourself option.
  • After that, you’ll be able to use the spell.

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