Hogwarts Legacy Location of all Demiguise

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In this guide, you will find the location of all Demiguise hidden in Hogwarts Legacy


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Demiguise at Hogwarts

Library Annex

1 • Go to the Library Annex to find the Demiguise resting on a piece of furniture on the road leading to the Athenaeum under the Library

2 • On Miss Onai’s desk in the Divination Room

3 • Under the potion behind a locked door ( Requires Aloh*m*ra II )

Big room

4 • In the toilets of the South wing ( Requires Aloh*m*ra I )

South Wing

5 • In the toilets of the South wing ( Requires Aloh*m*ra I )

Astronomy Wing

6 • At the back of the professor’s office Fig

7 • From the transfiguration room, take the door next to the Floo flame and go down to the dungeon. There is a door with a “drawbridge” ( Requires Aloh*m*ra I )

8 • Take the door next to the Transfiguration Yard flame behind the locked door ( Requires Aloh*m*ra II )

Bell tower wing

9 • In the office of the Magical Creatures cla*sroom building ( Requires Aloh*m*ra II )

10 • At the north exit of Hogwarts behind a locked door under a staircase ( Requires Aloh*m*ra I )

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