Hogwarts Legacy More “in depth” sorting of House and Wand and bonus items

Hello and welcome to this Hogwarts Legacy More “in depth” sorting of House and Wand and bonus items guide.

If you’re still waiting on Hogwarts legacy to release the 10th, then you can already get the hat that chooses your house, wand or patronus. You will also receive two exclusive items for free, a Beaked Skull hat and a House Fanatic school robe. You can also do this sorting online, but you won’t get these extra rewards. This is also a more in-depth and story-like experience than what you will see in game. Perfect if HP is your dream world.

1. All you have to do is connect your Wbgames profile found here:
https://account.wbgames.com/home – [wbgames.com]

2:Login/create an account at WBgames, if not already created. This must match the one you will use for signing into the game.

3: Then, you will connect the “Connections to Harry Potter Fan Club” to it.

4: You will need an account to access this website.
https://www.wizardingworld.com/ – [wizardingworld.com]

5: Login. Answer all questions to gain access to your house, wand, or patronus.

6: Now, after you have completed all tasks, go to
https://www.wizardingworld.com/legacyconnect – [wizardingworld.com]

Check that your account’s connected now. Otherwise, you can join it here

If you’d like, you can later modify both your house and your wand online. If you wish to modify anything, you can also cancel your wizardingworld user account. You can’t just edit it at the site.

If you want to be a part of the HP world, why do you not name your character with an actual name that would fit into the story? Check out the guide:

What house and what wand were you given?

Hogwarts Legacy

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