Hogwarts Legacy Tier List – Potions

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Hogwarts Legacy, an immersive, open-world action role-playing game, is available. You can now take control of the action, and be the center of your adventure in the wizarding realm.




  • Focus: Unlimited spells. Instant S Tier.
  • Endurus is Invincible for a brief time. S Tier.




  • Maxima: Additional Basic Cast Damage and Shield Break A Tier.
  • Thunderbrew: You can inflict a lot of AoE damage. A Tier.






  • Invisibility – Turn invisible during combat. It has its uses but is not required. C Tier.
  • Wiggenweld: I would put it in Trash Tier, but it heals you even if there is no cursed enemy or ancient magic to kill to heal yourself out of kill range. C Tier.

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