Hogwarts Legacy Tier List – Talents

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Hogwarts Heritage is an immersive, open universe action RPG. Now you can control the action and be in the center for your adventure in the wizarding land.




  • Swift is Amazing for moving fast or dodging. Instant S Tier
  • Spell Knowledge 1/2/3– More Spell Slots? Yes, please. Instant S Tier
  • Avada Kedavra Mastery. – One hit kills everything at once! Instant S Tier.
  • Protego Mastery. Destroy enemy obstacles while doing something that you already do. Easy S Tier.
  • Human Demiguise. Sprint in Stealth. Easy S Tier.
  • Sense of Secrecy 1/2 Better Stealth. Easy S Tier.
  • Petrificus Totalus Mastery is a One Hit Kill Multiple enemies using stealth. Easy S Tier.
  • Crucio Mastery. Easy S Tier.
  • Focus Potion Potency. – You can cast almost infinite spells with minimal effort. Easy S Tier.
  • Imperio Mastery. – More curses for little effort S Tier.
  • Enduring Curse – Longer Curses. S Tier.
  • Curse Sapper — Heal from killing all your cursed. Low S Tier.




  • Basic Cast Mastery – Spell recover faster. Instant A, possibly Low Tier.
  • Endurus Potion Potency is Invulnerability and an automatic counter. If the time was shorter, Instant A Tier would be Easy S.
  • Protego Absorption– Get bonus Ancient Magic for doing something you shouldn’t. Instant A Tier
  • Evasion Absorption– Get bonus Ancient Magic while doing something you shouldn’t—instant Tier.
  • Maxima Potion Potency. – Additional damage to Basic Casts and ignore enemy obstacles A Tier.




  • Revelio Mastery Easy B Tier.
  • Blood Curse. – Do damage to cursed enemies. Easy B Tier.
  • Thunderbrew Potion Potency has a lot of damage from AoE. Easy B Tier. It would be Low A if not so close.




  • Noxious, – A better Venomous Tantacula that also breaks the range shield. If you are interested in botany builds, this is a Tier C Tier.
  • Stupefy Mastery – Keeps enemies stunned longer. C TIer could be higher if Stupefy was better.
  • Stupify Expertise– Damage on Stupefy. C Tier will be higher if Stupefy is more consistent.
  • Stunning Curse, Curse with Stupefy. C Tier, if Stupefy was consistent, would be more.
  • Invisibility Potion Potency Lets you be invisible while fighting and use Petrificus to kill a few enemies. It’s not enough for C Tier.
  • Fertilizer– Double Cabbages for when used. C Tier, but easy B Tier if your focus is on botany builds.
  • Headache – Better Mandrakes. C Tier is the norm, but you can focus on a botany building to get B Tier.




  • Protego Expertise A – Additional damage for something you should have done anyway. This is the Instant D Tier, but it would not be as high if there was more good stuff to spend talent on.
  • Basic casting airborne absorption The enemy floating means that you are probably not using basic casting except in the very early game. D Tier.
  • Slowing Curse Curse of an enemy not in combat. It’s as pointless as Dobby trying to stop Harry from returning to school. Sure, it did do something, but did that happen? D Tier.




  • Ancient Magical Throw Expertise – Weak injury and requires Expelliarmus. Trash Tier
  • Wiggenweld Potency 1/2. – As long these potions do not cause significant damage, they will still keep you within the One Shot range—trash Tier.
  • Disarming Curse – Curse with Expelliarmus…..Trash Tier.
  • Knockback Curse – Flipendo…Trash Tier.

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