Hogwarts Legacy Tier List – Traits

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Hogwarts Legacy is an immersive open-world action RPG. You now have the ability to take control of the action and be at the center of your adventure in the wizarding realm.




  • Concentration – Boost to all Spell Damage, general but powerful. Easy S Tier.
  • Ancient Magic Focus Bonus to Ancient Magic recovery which allows you to speed up Ancient Magics for big damage. Easy S Tier.
  • Binding – Make your Petrificus Totalus Spell even more powerful to kill enemies that you would normally not be capable of. Low S Tier.
  • Laceration – The most damaging spell in the game, doing even more damage. It’s low-tiered because it only has one spell.




  • Ancient Magic: Bonus damage for Ancient Magic means easier kills on large enemies. Easy A Tier.
  • Ambush: Additional Damage from Stealth when used in conjunction with any spell. Easy A Tier.




  • Unforgivable: More damage to cursed targets. Curses usually lead to death without this. However, it could be beneficial if you only learn Crucio for some reason. Easy B Tier.
  • Herbology – More damage caused to your plants. Not so great for a non-botany build, but fantastic if you use one. Easy B Tier.




  • Fangs – More damage for cabbages. It’s not perfect, but it’s not bad. C Tier.
  • Venom: Damage for Venomous Tactacula. It’s not bad, but not ideal even for botany build. C Tier.
  • Cruelty: More harm from Crucio. A bit unnecessary. C Tier.
  • Manipulation – Imperio’d enemy deals more damage. It could be good but ultimately not very useful. C Tier.




  • Protego Shielding – Very niche. It may be useful in Battle Arenas, however, but not in many other places. D Tier.
  • Cushioning – Very niche. It could be useful for Battle Arenas but not many other places. D Tier.
  • Explosive Additional Damage with Bombarda. Although the spell isn’t particularly powerful, it is useful. D Tier.
  • Destruction Confrigo is good, but there are better options. D Tier.
  • Scorching is fine, but this is a bit niche of a use. D Tier.
  • Deafening: Mandrakes main focus, making more damage, is almost useless. D Tier.
  • Control – Ancient Magic Throw isn’t important enough to be a focus. D Tier.




  • Amphibial Protection: Protection and Resistance spells are pointless by the time you get them—trash Tier.
  • Goblin-Silver Resistance: Resistance and Protection spells will be useless when acquired. Trash Tier.
  • Necromantic Protection: Resistance and Protection spells are useless when they are no longer used. Trash Tier.
  • Lupus Protection: Protection and Resistance spells will no longer work after activation. Trash Tier.
  • Disarming – Expelliarmus sucks. Trash Tier.

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