Hogwarts Legacy Where to find the butterflies in the forbidden forest? For the quest Follow the Butterflies

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There are a variety of puzzles in the world of Hogwarts legacy that players can solve should they stumble across them. Players can solve these puzzles by way of interactive side quests. This is a great way to learn about the game’s mechanics. A good example is the optional side quest titled “Follow the Butterflies,” which can be obtained from an unplayable character in The Three Broomsticks named Clementine Willardsey. Continue reading to learn how to complete the Follow the Butterflies side mission in the Hogwarts Legend video game.


What is the best way to finish the Follow the Butterflies Side quest in Hogwarts Legacy?

Clementine Willardsey, a non-player character, is in The Three Broomsticks in Hogsmeade. If you talk to her, she’ll offer you a side quest titled “Follow the Butterflies.” You can choose to accept it. This is a side quest that, similar to the puzzles involving the Moth to the Frame, serves as a tutorial for an underlying puzzle mechanism that can later be found worldwide in various places. Players will receive Collection Chests after having completed these puzzles. These chests are filled with new items that can be added to their Room of Requirement.

After you have entered The Three Broomsticks, Clementine Willardsey will be at the far end of The Three Broomsticks. Should you converse with her, she will be open to discussing her love of butterflies and her irrational fear of the Forbidden Forest. Following that, she will inquire whether or not you are competent to investigate where the butterflies wander in the woods. After accepting the quest, you must go to the Forbidden Forest to locate the Floo Flame.

Once you have traveled enough to reach Floo Flame Point in the Forbidden forest, you can traverse the bridge to enter the forest. There will be a symbol that looks like the shape of a butterfly on your mini-map. If you travel to the area identified by this logo on the map, you’ll see a cloud of butterflies circling the surrounding area when you get there. They will move in a particular direction when they are close to you. Follow their route and continue walking until they stop at an area where they open a Chest of Collections. Chest.

After you have received the reward, you must submit your findings to Clementine Wilardsey at The Three Broomsticks. This will enable you to complete the Follow the Butterflies side quest. You will be rewarded once you’ve completed the mission. When you successfully complete this mission, players will be awarded 180 experience points and the Flower Box decorative item. If you complete this mission, similar butterfly puzzles will become accessible in the open world for you to solve to earn Collection Chests as rewards.

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