In Sink: A Co-Op Escape Prologue Walkthrough and achievements

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WARNING! This game does NOT have saves. It is important to take enough time to complete the game.
A guide to the puzzle solutions, and the missing achievement.

Room 1

Puzzle 1:
Boy: Input 334
Guy: input 215
How to solve this problem: First, look at the cube. Then, communicate it with your partner.
Puzzle 2:
Boy: From left: blue, white, and purple
Guy: From left: Yellow, orange, and pink
How to solve: These colors will be visible when you look at the door frame.
Puzzle 3:
Guy stands on the stage, so the Boy may crawl inside. The Boy then pushes levers 1, 6, 8 and 8 up, pushing all others down.
How to solve: The numbering of bottles indicates the number of levers it is for. The color of your plates is determined by the color of the bottles. The plates indicate whether a lever should push up or down when the bottles are turned on their backs.
Puzzle 4:
Boy: Write down the color of your cup and the number ice cubes. To fill the cup, press the middle button.
Guy: After finding the right recipe for the cup, hit play to move it once to the left.
This puzzle requires you to fill correctly 4 cups.

Room 2

The missing achievement, The opportunity for more than just thinking alike and being in sink is finally here. Jump in the sink of the kitchen.

In Sink: A Co-Op Escape Prologue Walkthrough and achievements - Room 2 - 4033D22In Sink
Go In The Sink

Puzzle 1:
In Sink: A Co-Op Escape Prologue Walkthrough and achievements - Room 2 - 722E6E0
How to solve: Look around your room. If you notice that the apple in your kitchen is in a first position, then the red lever should be moved to the first (left). The middle position for levers is the second, and the right is third.
Puzzle 2:
Enter the code 2679
How to solve: Guy should stand on his weight, then the boy can stand on his chess board. To get the 4 digit pa*sword, you can combine all your notes.

Room 3

Puzzle 1:
In Sink: A Co-Op Escape Prologue Walkthrough and achievements - Room 3 - 4C9A07A
How to solve: Take a look out the window and identify the symbols on board. Find the symbol that corresponds to the first position symbol on the mannequin. Start at the top of your model, and then work your ways down.
Puzzle 2 – 4458 from the top to the bottom on a spinning wheel.
How to solve the problem: Find the missing numbers in order to fill the board. To get the pa*sword, you will need to do a calculation x+y+z for all the numbers in a given column (top to bottom).
Use the pressure plates for entry to the ship
Puzzle 3: Guy has seen the correct symbol. Boy needs to choose the symbol from the 4. This easy puzzle can be solved by repeating the process six times.
Puzzle 4 – Combine the obstacles from both of your players. Boy moves up and left, Guy moves left or right. Reach X for victory

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