Love is Dead Earth Rumble Jungle

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Being a zombie isn’t easy. At least your love is a zombie too. Adventure together around the world and solve puzzles, evade ghosts, eat humans and fight pirates. (Who are also humans, I guess…), all to find your beloved pets.

Earth Rumble Jungle

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Welcome to The Jungle

Zombify every Spearhuman or Bowhuman in Levels 5-5. They must be eaten.

Level 5, All Stages

It was a little frustrating, especially at the beginning. It’s best to take it slow.

4 spear warriors man the first stage. They will swing their spears at you and then throw it at them. Avoid them both, or they will make you completely vulnerable.

The second stage includes 2 spears and one bow warrior. This one is straightforward, as you can use the flowers for direct landing. They can also be eaten immediately if they land on the adjacent tile.

The third stage is home to five bow warriors. You can also use the flowers to land directly on them or next to them.

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Finale: World 5

The finale for the World 5

Unmissable. Complete the last level in Earth Rumble Jungle.

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