Love is Dead Ethical Labs Inc

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Being a zombie isn’t easy. At least your love is a zombie too. Adventure together around the world and solve puzzles, evade ghosts, eat humans and fight pirates. (Who are also humans, I guess…), all to find your beloved pets.

“Ethical” Labs, Inc.

Pancakes Count:29 Pancakes
Running Total: Pancakes

Love is Dead Ethical Labs Inc -

The Experiment

Free a Human from Stasis

Level 2, Stage 2

This refers specifically to the people suspended in large, orange vats. Let a gun point at you, and then move behind the vat. If the cannonball touches the vat, the human will be liberated, and the achievement unlocked.

Love is Dead Ethical Labs Inc -

Overcaffeinated: Falling in Love

Two zombies overcaffeinated fall madly in love

Level 6, Stage 3

End the stage by having both players carry coffee. One player should grab a cup of joe and return to the original point. The other player gets the other coffee, and the game is over.

Love is Dead Ethical Labs Inc -

Batteries for Falling in Love

Two batteries fall for each other.

Level 7, Stage 1

Finish the stage carrying electricity with both players.

Love is Dead Ethical Labs Inc -

Biggest Brains

Zombify the Mad Scientist


It’s easy not to see. Before you go, eat the scientist at the bottom of this stage.

Love is Dead Ethical Labs Inc -

Finale: World 6

Finale: World 6

Unmissable. Complete the final level at “Ethical Labs, Inc.

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