Love is Dead Space

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Being a zombie isn’t easy. At least your love is a zombie too. Adventure together around the world and solve puzzles, evade ghosts, eat humans and fight pirates. (Who are also humans, I guess…), all to find your beloved pets.


Pancakes Count: 36 Pancakes (1 is a bug)
Running Total: 213 Pancakes (1 is bugged)

Love is Dead Space - Space! - 3650DC6

Fall In Love: Superstars

Two-star zombies fall in love.

Level 9, Stage 2

Finalize the stage with each player carrying star rods. If you don’t set it up, you risk shooting each other. The rod is only fired once per button press, and it can only travel a short distance.

Stand 5 tiles apart like below and run towards the other player without stopping. The star will disappear before hitting the other player.

Love is Dead Space - Space! - 0E139A4

Love is Dead Space - Space! - 8353DB0

Pancakes Forever

Collect 211 Pancakes

After collecting 211 pancakes, you can unlock them. This achievement was broken because of the malfunctioning pancake during the World 7 Finale, however, it only requires 211 pancakes now. This means you can skip one pancake to unlock this achievement.

If you collect all the pancakes you can from the beginning, this achievement will unlock after Smorgasbord In Outer Space, no. 3.

Love is Dead Space - Space! - D1140F1

Finale: World 7

Completed the World 7 Finale

Unmissable. Complete the final level of Space! The pancake (collected in stage 2 – in this level) is a glitch. It’s not displayed as collected on the main screen but does count toward the total in the lower right.

Love is Dead Space - Space! - 01A4726

Love is Dead Space - Space! - 541FCD9

The Whole Happy Family

Find Your Pets

Unmissable. Complete the small epilogue after the end.

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