Love is Dead Swashbuckle Seas

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Being a zombie isn’t easy. At least your love is a zombie too. Adventure together around the world and solve puzzles, evade ghosts, eat humans and fight pirates. (Who are also humans, I guess…), all to find your beloved pets.

Swashbuckle Seas

Pancakes Count: 30 Pancakes
Running Total: Pancakes

Love is Dead Swashbuckle Seas - Swashbuckle Seas - 8AE92BE

Six Pounder

Burn up 6 Pirate Lackeys with your cannonballs

Level 6, Stage 1

Avoid using the explosive crates, and shoot all the liars in the middle.

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Finale: World 4

Completed the World 4 Finale

Unmissable. Complete the final level of Swashbuckle Seas.

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