Luck be a Landlord How to Leave Your Landlord in the Dust and Outscale the Game Like a Boss

Welcome. This Luck be a Landlord, How to Leave Your Landlord in the Dust and Outscale the Game Like a Boss Guide was written to be of use to you, and we genuinely hope that it is.
This is a simple, no-frills strategy to break down the game in small pieces. I won't hold your hands and explain every aspect. It's far too random for that!
Instead, we'll be focusing our attention on a handful of symbols and making them scale until we're crowned the jackpot kingpin of our local neighborhood.

The Plan

1. Collect these:
* Arrows
* Amethysts
* Dames
2. You will be amazed at how your income grows with each spin.
3. You're welcome.

How it works

This strategy involves collecting several symbols that scale indefinitely, along with the symbols they feed. As your collection expands, you should be careful about removing symbols that are not helping the cause. You know, items such as diamonds, emeralds or highlander swords.
There are many interesting synergies within the game; however, this strategy gives me the most consistent wins.
At least, that's until the next round of developer patches…

What about items?

You are free to choose, but I will go for anything that boosts my deck’s ability to earn or gives removal tokens for streamlining later.
Some of my favorites are:
* Cleaning cloth
* Coin on the String
* Dwarven Anvil
* Grave Robber
* Happy Hour
* Kyle, the Kernite
* Lockpick
* Looting Glove
* Mining Pick
* Removal Capsule
* Rusty Gear
* Sungla*ses
* Tax Evasion
* Time Capsule
* Triple Coins

Deck Composition

Keep your collection under 40 symbols. Each of the following symbols should be limited to four:
* Arrows
* Dames
* Geologists
The rest can include any combination of divers and eldritch creatures, amethysts or divers, and fodder. It's not a good idea to collect more than 40 symbols.

Other symbols to be aware of when you are on your way towards the win

* Diver — This one is tricky as it requires you to look for aquatic symbols consistently. It can be quite fun if it works.
* Dove
* Eldritch Creature/Cultist/Midas Hex
* Geologist
* Mine
* Miner
* Ore
* Sapphire
* Shiny Pebble

Now, You are the Landlord

It may take a few attempts to get off of the ground due to the random nature. Finding symbols of the highest value is important without adding unnecessary cards to your deck. This means that you should avoid taking symbols that will add more symbols to the deck unless there is an automatic removal method (, such as bartender/dwarf and Hex of Midas (with Coin on a string)). Also, looking for items that increase the rarity and value of your existing finds would be best.
Do this regularly, and you may find that the landlord will pay your rent.
Now go out and beat him at the game. Have Fun and Good Luck!

Thank you for reading the Luck be a Landlord How to Leave Your Landlord in the Dust and Outscale the Game Like a Boss, and we sincerely hope that you found them to be of use. We encourage you to report any mistakes or ideas for enhancements in the section below, and we will fix them as quickly as possible. Today, I send you my very best wishes. Creator and writer Shades was the inspiration for this article.

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