Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord God of the Arena Achievement (Alternative Route)

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Being a Butterlord could be exhausting. King Derthert has invaded your beloved city once more? A smelly Monchug targets your poor villagers? Rhagae isn’t able to spend time with you anymore. Are you trying to accomplish an all-time high-scoring run on top of all your responsibilities??

So I’m here to save you some time. In the beginning, participating in tournaments can be a good start to earning money and hoes, fame, and some whack armor. But in the end, you’ll be left with no more time for that; instead, you are engaged in large battles, giving up all your 6-tier units. It’s even more difficult to get on 1 because the other lords keep winning tournaments throughout the years.

Yes, there is! Reddit user u/HunterBiscuit had the idea. He wanted to determine if it was feasible to kill other people to climb the ladder of gladiators. That was not what anyone tried, so I’m here. I conducted a thorough study in the video below:

Watch This!

Pro Tip Try Avoiding

And concluded: YES, it is possible!

So I strongly suggest you take a look at it and try it yourself.

(Only Warning This achievement didn’t unlock for me, possibly because mods were involved or I haven’t won tournaments. If you’re having similar issues, you can try to reach 2 and win first place on the fairway.

Good Luck, Friends!

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