Move or Die How to play MoD in 1920×1080+

Welcome. This Move or Die How to play MoD in 1920×1080+ Guide was written to be helpful to you, and we genuinely hope you do.

Is your resolution lower than what is best for you? Do your resolution changes not work? This should help.

Navigating through your game’s file folders

First, you’ll have to open the files in your game. Yes, I know that sounds stupid, but we are here, so do it now.

Here are some tips if you don’t know how to do that.

The Fast Way

This is the preferred option. If this is not possible, you can always use the manual method.

Click on the gear icon to open your library. This is called the “Manage” button.

It will look something similar to this:

Move or Die How to play MoD in 1920x1080+ - Navigating to your game's files - 515F893

This icon can be found on Move or Die’s library page.

After clicking this button, it will open a small list.

Navigate to “Manage” on the menu. This will open yet another menu.

Click “Browse Local Files” in this second menu.

This will open the files in your game. You can then proceed to the next part.

The Manual Way

Navigate first to your steam directory. It should look like the following:

(your steam folder)\steamapps\common\Move or Die

Your steam folder will be “(your steam folder)” Revolutionary. For example, mine is

F:\Steam\steamapps\common\Move or Die

This won’t be yours. This is mine. The folder will be under your C. drive if you don’t do this.

Changing the “High DPI Settings”.

You’ll find “MoveOrDie.exe” here. This is the game’s main executable.

Important: Do not confuse this file with “Editor.exe” and “FR.exe”.

Move or Die How to play MoD in 1920x1080+ - Changing

Now, right-clickMoveOrDie.exe“, and you can also select “Properties”.

Click “Compatibility” at the top.

Once you’re done, click “Change high DPI Settings”.

Move or Die How to play MoD in 1920x1080+ - Changing

It will open at this.

Move or Die How to play MoD in 1920x1080+ - Changing

You can ignore the highlighted options and everything else.

First, click the checkbox for “Override high DPI scale behavior”.

Next, ensure that the “Scaling Performed Through:” setting is set to apply. This can be changed via the dropdown.

Click “OK”, then hit “OK” again.

Close the game’s folders. You may need them once more if you have troubleshooting needs. I will address this issue at the end.

Applying new resolutions

Now, the home stretch. Unless this does not work for you, then you will likely need the next part.

But, for now, ignore that.

First, launch it. I would do it through steam; however, launching MoveOrDie.exe manually is a better option. Probably. It’s better to be safe than sorry, i think.

Next, go to your video settings and change “Resolution” according to your preference. My monitor resolution is 1920×1080. If you don’t know your monitor’s resolution, you can use “Native” instead. Or you can use it anyways.

Move or Die How to play MoD in 1920x1080+ - Applying new resolution - 64E6039

When you are done changing the resolution, hit “Apply Changes”.

This should return you to the menu you were on.

Congratulations if the game changes the resolution! You can close this help guide and the game files.

Note: If the controller is being used, I recommend testing it to verify that it still functions. Troubleshooting is the next step.

If it doesn’t, you will need to continue to the next section.


Ooooh, scary! If you’re here, something likely went wrong. You could be me; you might have been me or MoD.

Now, the intro is over. Let’s discuss some problems that I had and some problems that you might have.

Start with…

The resolution still doesn’t apply.

Okay, this is just bizarre. I would guess that the settings aren’t being changed. If this is the case, run the game as administrator.

Move or Die How to play MoD in 1920x1080+ - Troubleshooting - 39699FA

Do it this way if the resolution changes to the old one after you launch it usually.

The controller doesn’t work anymore.

Relaunch. If this fails, you can revert everything you’ve done and see if it works. If it doesn’t, it’s just your controller. If it does, U don’t know why and I can’t help.

See this guide for Move or Die How to play MoD in 1920×1080+. Please let us know in the comments below if you find anything incorrect or outdated, and we will attend to it as quickly as possible. I hope that today turns out well for you. We are indebted to ShibeDogetic, whose perceptive guide was the impetus for this one.

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