My Little Terrarium Favorite food list for each Animals

When you give animals their preferred foods, they will show you their love and hearts.

In My Little Terrarium, every single animal has a specific diet that they prefer. In the scrapbook, you may keep track of how much love and food you gave them. A statue will be unlocked in the game when you’ve completed all the hearts or received all the presents. In addition, the animal will remain in the terrarium if his emotional needs are met. Therefore, feeding animals their preferred food is crucial if you don’t want them to go extinct. Go ahead and read the main story to find out what each animal enjoys eating on.


My Little Terrarium Favorite food list for each Animals 1 -
My Little Terrarium Favorite food list for each Animals 1 – gamewithpa*


Rabbit’s Favorite Food

Rabbit enjoys good tea, fresh bread, and whiskey jelly. You can win the rabbit’s affection by tapping him and giving him one of his favorite foods.


Blue Bird’s Favorite Food

Both worms and blueberry tart are favorites of Blue Birds. She has strong bad reactions to biscuits, whiskey jelly, and tea.


Fox’s Favorite Food

Fox enjoys a bowl of stew, tea, and fresh bread. Fox isn’t a fan of worms.


Meerkat’s Favorite Food

Meerkat is a fan of Scorpion Cake and Worms. Avoid feeding Meerkat noodle dishes or heated stews, as she has no interest in either.


Lesser Panda’s Favorite Food

Lesser This panda digs fruit and salad. He detests worms.


Elephant’s Favorite Food

Salad and fruit. To access the animal’s food supply, tap it and select the fork icon. Choosing fruits and vegetables can help you feel love.


Cat’s Favorite Food

This cat digs that Tuna Can you gave him. So, give her a can of tuna and win her heart. Carrots are a portion of food she despises.


Sheep’s Favorite Food

Salads and hearty stews are favorites with sheep. Sheep don’t care for things like tuna in a can, tea, or bread.


Reindeer’s Favorite Food

Salads and warm stews are two of the reindeer’s favorite foods. He detests canned tuna, black tea, and white bread.


Koala’s Favorite Food

Kaola enjoys whisky jelly and noodle dishes. Blueberry tart, tea, and bread are among his least favorite foods.


Desert Fox’s Favorite Food

Desert Fox enjoys a good Blueberry Tart or Scorpion Cake.


Shiba Inu’s Favorite Food

Tuna in a can and steak are favorites of the Shiba Dog. Vegetables and fruit are not his things.


What should I do about finding food?

Select the cat icon in the upper right-hand corner, just above the puzzle button. Clicking this will bring up the free shop where you can obtain random food for free in exchange for viewing a video ad or exchanging gold coins. You can obtain three times as much random food per day using the gold coin approach.

If you want to cook something else, tap the house structure in the terrarium where the cat lives. You might also keep an eye on the free flyers advertising various products and services above the terrarium. Occasionally, they’ll provide worms or other strange foods as rewards.

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