Pokémon Community Explained and How To Use on Twitch

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The Pokemon Community Game has been the most popular Twitch item. It is a free plugin that allows viewers to battle, trade, catch, and capture Pokemon while they watch a video. Although it was only available briefly, it has already attracted thousands of people and hundreds of viewers, making it one of the most popular sections of the streaming service. This URL will let you locate all broadcasters streaming a specific game using the bot.

The question now is, what exactly is this game, and how does that work? Any streamer can add the extension to his stream. Once it is there, his chat will turn into a virtual Pokemon playground. This information is available at the extension’s official site. Viewers can also participate by entering commands into the chat field. For example, they could type “!Pokecatch”, to capture a Pokemon or “!Pokeshop”, to purchase Poke balls or Great balls. This bot can not ignore certain words, so it is essential to know what you say.


Where can you find the installation instructions for the Pokemon Community Game Extension?

Extensions are vital tools that can improve your Twitch channel in many ways. Extensions enable you to add many functions to your channel, including overlays. Notifications, chatbots, and much more. This tutorial will show you how to add Extensions to your channel.

Locate the addon you’d like to use.

The first thing to do is find an Extension that will meet your specific needs. This is the extension for the Pokemon Community Game. To move on to the next stage, you must choose either the Add or Install button.

Perform Initial Configuration.

You will need to configure your stream first before you can use Extensions. You will need to install this extension on your account as a mod in order to use it.


How can you participate in the Pokemon Community Game?

To participate in the Pokemon Community Game, you will need the command.

In the chat section of a live stream, type “Pokestart”. This command will give you a starter Pokémon that you can use for your adventure.

Players can capture a Pokemon, which will appear in chat once every 15 minutes. To catch a Pokemon, it is necessary to type the command. It would be best if you typed Pokecatch. Then, enter the name of your desired Pokemon. If a Pikachu arrives in the chat, you will type! In response. Pokecatch Pikachu.

If you don’t already own Poke balls, you can use this command to order them from the In-Game Shop.

Pokeshop. A standard Pokeball will cost $300, a Greatball will cost $600, and an Ultra ball will cost $1000. These products are available to be purchased by simply entering the command. First, you will need to enter Pokeshop. Next, you will need to enter the name and quantity of the item you wish to buy. To buy five Pokeballs, you must enter the Pokeshop! to complete the purchase. Pokeshop Pokeball 5.

This Google document might have the answers to all your questions. It contains all the commands required for the game and any additional information you might need. You’ll also be able to access information like the discord servers specifically dedicated to the Pokemon Community Game.

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