Red Dead Redemption 2 Plant Locations

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Alaskan Ginseng-Ambarino
West Elizabeth

American Ginseng-West Elizabeth,

New Hanover

Burdock Root-

Great Plains


Gaptooth Ridge,

Cholla Springs

Common Bulrush-It can also be located along the shoreline of any kind of water

Desert Sage-Gaptooth Ridge

Diez Coronas

English Mace-New Austin and Grizzlies East

Golden Currant-West Elizabeth

New Hanover

Hummingbird Sage-Kama*sa River,


West Elizabeth

Indian Tobacco

West Elizabeth,




Dewberry Creek

Lemoyne, and the rivers of Lemoyne

Oleander Sage-

River banks of Bayou Nwa

Prairie Poppy-

Great Plains

Red Sage-

Rio Bravo

Vanilla Flower-

Bayou Nwa

Violet Snowdrop


Wild Carrot-Wild Carrots can be found across all regions. However they are more common in Southern New Hanover or Northern Lemoyne.

Wild Feverfew-

Henigan’s Stead


New Hanover


Credit to Red Dead Wiki for the names and locations.

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