Rust Beginner’s Guide How to get guns FAST

How to get guns FAST

There are several ways for a beginner to acquire guns quickly in Rust:


Rust Beginner’s Guide How to get guns FAST 2 -
Rust Beginner’s Guide How to get guns FAST 2 – gamewithpa*


  1. Scavenging: The easiest and most common way to acquire guns is to scavenge them from other players. Look for abandoned player bases and loot the weapons and ammunition you find there.
  2. Crafting: You can craft a crude bow or spear using wood and animal hides, which can be used to hunt animals for food. Once you have enough resources, you can craft a workbench and create more advanced weapons, such as a pump-action shotgun or a semi-automatic rifle.
  3. Trading: You can trade with other players to acquire guns. Look for players who have items you need and offer them items they want in exchange.
  4. Raiding: Another way to acquire guns quickly is to raid other players’ bases. This is a more high-risk strategy as it requires a group of players and good coordination. But it can yield a lot of loot, including guns, ammo, and resources.
  5. Buying: Some Rust servers offer an in-game shop where players can purchase items, including guns, using in-game currency.
  6. Quests: Some servers offer quests and events that reward players with weapons and ammunition. Participating in these events can be an excellent way to acquire guns quickly.

Keep in mind that all these options may not be available on every server, and the availability of weapons may vary depending on the server settings. Also, it’s essential to be aware of the rules of the server you’re playing on, as some servers may have specific rules or limitations regarding acquiring weapons.

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