Sailing Era List of Fisheries

Welcome. This Sailing Era List of Fisheries Guide was written to be of use to you, and we genuinely hope that it is.

This is a brief list that provides information about the Fisheries as well as the a*sociated achievements.


This guide is a simple listing to help people find hidden fisheries worldwide.

To earn the Achievement, all you need to do is sail over the coordinates. You don’t have the ability to fish at the fishery, nor do you have to make all the seasonal discoveries a*sociated with the fishing.

To fish at the fishery, sail over the location with the F key and hold it. A large, white ring should appear in the area of the fishery. Hold the F key to bring up another window displaying the fish you found. You have two options. You can turn the fish into cargo that you can sell at a port. Or, you could convert it into provisions that will allow for longer time at sea. Currently (Jan 2023) – the buttons and labels are all bugged. The left button can be converted into cargo, the right one into provisions.

I was able to locate most of these items on my own. The Steam forums, specifically Hentaika, helped me find the rest.


The List


Scandinavian FisheryAlwaysE1,N67Pelican EelArctic Region
North Sea FisheryAlwaysE3,N55Atlantic Blue Fin TunaNorth Europe
Newfoundland FisheryAlwaysW65,N41CrinoidNorth America East
Caribbean FisheryActive 1-9W58,N15Deep Sea Dragon FishCaribbean
Caribbean FisheryActive 10-12W58,N15Oar FishCaribbean
Amazon River EstuaryAlwaysW47,N1PirarucuSouth America East
Peru FisheryAlwaysW75,S22Great White SharkSouth America West
Southeast Asia FisheryAlwaysE123,N3DugongSoutheast Asia
Hokkaido FisheryAlwaysE146,N46Big Sail FishEastmost Eurasia
Fisheries in the Bay of BengalAlwaysE90,N15MantarayIndian Ocean
Mozambique FisheryAlwaysE44,S9CoelacanthIndian Ocean
Cape of Good HopeAlwaysE11,S36Giant SquidWest Africa
Fisheries of the Nile RiverActive 3-5E31,N28Saddled BichirNile River
Fisheries of the Nile RiverActive 8-12E31,N28Dinosaur BichirNile River

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