Sailing Era Locations and Background on the Characters

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Specialties, locations, and other notes about each recruitable character in this game. Some details WIP. Please let me know if you find any missing information inaccuracies, such as an equipment bonus.


Character: Abdullah

After beating him in the game, Muscat is now eligible for recruitment.


Skilled Fighter: Increased exp gains from battles

Ship Seizing tactics – Ability to recruit ships that have surrendered

Loot – Increases the supply of ships plundering.

Languages – Arabic

Character: Aji

Recruitment: Rose banner questline (triggered in Malacca by a Garaba Event)


Southeast Asian Climate: Increases trade profits and contribute to the cultural sphere of the central South Peninsula

Together as One – Increases sailor morale.

Hand-to-Hand Combat – Inflicts water loss on enemy ships following hand-to-hand combat

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Horn – +1 brawling +1 music

Languages: Siamese/Khmer

Character: Garaba

Recruitment: Picked up at a stowaway location in Southeast Asia (I would love more detail if you are able)


Java Climate – Increases trade profits and contributions in the Southeast Asian cultural realm.

Pick the Lock – Chests can be opened instantly.

Hidden Cargos- Ship cabins can store +10 items.

Languages: Indonesian / Khmer/ Chinese

Character: Hiyar o’Worley

Recruitment: Sign up in (random) port


Arabic Climate – Increases trade profits and contributes to the Arabic and East African cultural realms.

Doctor’s Kindness: Restores sailor morale in the aftermath of the battle

Desert Traveler – Reduces supply consumption on Gobi territory.

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Gla*s Reagent Case – Medicine +2; Organization +1

Languages: Arabic

Character: Katelyn

Recruitment: Requires Sa*si Palmis. Find the fleet known as the Pirate Queen’s Fleet at the Red Sea and defeat them. After discovering the five treasures, you will find her north of Toamasina.


Pirate Star – Reduces exp needed for upgrades.

Rapid-Fire Cannon Expertise– Rapid-Fire Cannons have increased damage, accuracy, and penetration.


Character: Lu Liyuan

Recruitment – First, find an event in a port. Travel to Istanbul to witness another event.


Ming Empire Climate: Increases trade profits and contributions in the Ming Empire, Korean cultural, and spheres.

Mountain Traveler: Reduce supply consumption in hills or swamp

Stone identification – Increases gemstone trade profit.

Languages – Chinese

Character: Na*ser

Recruitment: Rose banner questline (started at the Garaba event in Malacca)


Knowledgeable – Increase maximum sailor morale

Confusion tactics – Inflicts confusion following hand-to-hand combat.

Business Adept – Increases trade profits and contributions in the Persian cultural sector.

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Dice – +1 negotiation +2 firearm

Languages: Arabic

Character: Sa*si Palmis

Recruitment: Complete the Holi questline in Calicut to be invited to the festival (requires Kanam questline completion)


Indian Climate – Increases trade profits and contributes to the Indian cultural sphere.

Dancing Grace – Increases sailor morale

Languages: Hindustani / Sanskrit

Character: Shen Shi

Recruitment: Take up a job in the oceans around China as a random event


Scouting – Reduce stamina and fatigue during expeditions



Character: Takigawa Amagai

Recruitment: Meet in Nagasaki and learn about Morohaku sake. (Sakai, I believe?). Rescue from pirates


Japanese Climate – Increases trade profits and contributes to the Japanese cultural realm.

Ronin – When hp is 0 in duel, restore 1 HP and unleash an ultimate

Provocation – If both sides are motivated after hand-to-hand combat, challenge your enemy to a duel

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Delicate Katana – +2 brawling


Character: Yoshitaka Shizuma

After beating the game, Nagasaki wins the recruitment contest.


Prestigious Shipbuilder- Grant exp for shipbuilding

Cats at hand – Protects fleet from rats.

Craftsmanship Skills – Increase Trade Profit of Industrial Goods

Nature Surpa*sing: Can freely modify cabins on ships


Character: Yun Mu

After winning the game, Zhangzhou was hired.


Scholar – Higher EXP Gain from Discoveries

Analogist: Reduces requirements for interpreting books

Picky shopping – Increases profits for goods based upon the amount of knowledge they have accumulated

Languages – Portuguese / Chinese


Character: Beluget

Recruit: Once you have learned about the Minos Fleet in West Africa, locate and defeat the fleet. They won’t attack you, but you must. Then, find Beluget in Cape Verde.


Only one specialty. (Quest upgrade?)

Languages: Swahili / Spanish

Character: Kornelly

Recruitment: Event in Toamasina


Wilderness Resident: Reduce forest supply

Way of Preservation: Increase fish from fishing and trade fish profit

Languages: Hausa


Character: Anastasia

Recruitment: Complete an event at the Western Turkey expedition landing, join Mustafa Amir, and recruit in Beirut.


Eastern European Climate: Increases trade profits and contribute to the Balkan cultural community

Spinner – Increases profits for textile goods

Neat Cargos: Ship cabins can store +10 items

Languages Slavic

Character: Andrea

Recruitment: Bring black Pepper to Calais and hire in the Tavern


French Climate: Increased Trade Profits and Contribution to French Cultural Sphere

Spice Expert – Increased profit from spice and food goods


French language

Character: Andreas Heinrich

Recruitment: Find an event in Pisa, then search for an event in Naples


Nordic Climate – Increases trade profits and contributes to the Northern European cultural environment.

March – Reductions in supply consumption

Strong Willed: Protects fleet against hallucination

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Knight’s Longsword – +50hp, +1 brawling

German Languages

Character: Andrew

Recruitment: After beating Andrew, apply for a job at the Lisbon pier.


Adventurous Spirit – Increases EXP earned from sailing.

Innate Leader: Reduces EXP needed to level up characters below Andrew’s Level

Route Pathfinder – New ports discovered grants +100 local contributions.

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Compa*s – +2 Leadership +1 Geography


Character: Beatrice

Recruitment: Tulip questline in Amsterdam. Start by going to Amsterdam in November.


Craftmanship – Increases the trade profit of artware

Lowland Climate: Increases trade profit and contributions in the Dutch cultural sector

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Tulip brooch – +3 organization


Character: Carlos Cortez

Recruitment: After Blackbeard (and maybe Costello) is recruited in Seville ).


Spanish Nobility: Increases trade profit and contribution to Iberian cultural life

Cannon Expertise – Increases damage and accuracy as well as penetration of cannons.



Character: Costello Hermann

Recruitment: Monica (Seville Barmaid) questline


Seasoned Pirate: Increased likelihood of inflicting abnormality with cannons

Troublemaker – Inflicts a ship of enemy with burning after hand-to-hand combat

Master of love – Get sweet talk interaction from barmaids. Random chance for +50 or 20 favorability


Character: Daniel Crete

Recruitment: Visit the Trieste event and then travel between Venice & Trieste a few times. Eventually, they rescue the pirates.


Surgery – Recovers some of the bodies of sailors who have been killed in battle.

Plague Doctor – Protects against plague while sailing.

Pharmacological Mastery: Increases profits from trading medicines

Languages: Italian

Character: Dietlind

Recruitment: Begin with the quest to Benghazi from a merchant. You will then meet her in Hamburg’s tavern. Then, you will need to find the deed for a ship from Lubeck. You can order a vessel at the shipyard. After encountering a pirate outside the port, she joins.


German Climate: Increases trade profit and contribution in the German cultural sector

Sniper: Increased damage during boarding attacks

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Daybreak – +30 horsepower +1 firearm

Languages German / Slavic

Character: Esmeralda

Recruitment: Look for jobs in Marseilles and Palma (Requires Daniel, I believe)


Thought Reader: Interpret news topics that barmaids are most interested in

Caravan – Increases expedition load (seems almost double)

Romani Traditions: Increases profits from trading hobby items

Languages: French/Slavic/Greek

Henry: Character

Recruitment – Hire Blackbeard and then search in London.


Remote Combat – Increases damage, accuracy, and penetration of long-barreled cannons

Bribery – Increases max sailor’s morale

Languages: English

Character: Joyce de Fritz

Recruitment: Recruit in Amsterdam


Precise routing – Increase fleet auto-sail speeds.

Mathematics – Increase fleet gunnery accuracy.

Orange Addict – Protects the fleet against scurvy.

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Sextant – +1 mapping +1 geographic

Languages: Dutch / Portuguese / German

Character: Loris Falaise

Recruitment: First, purchase his songbook at the London Item Shop and then find a job in the London tavern.


Italian Climate – Increases trade profits and contributions in the Italian cultural sphere

Oenology – Increases alcohol trade profits.

Bard – Increases contribution gains.

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Gone with the Wind: +1 music +1 treasure

Languages: Italian

Character: Maltim Almeida Blanca

Recruitment: Visit Genoa and talk to him in the Tavern. Then, find Ras ben Sachka (is this Andrew only?)


Seasoned Officer: Increases negotiation success with NPCs

Climate Conqueror – Reduces storm-related hull damage.

Supply Utilization – Reduces the consumption of supplies while sailing.


Character: Mustafa Amir

Recruitment: Complete an event at the Western Turkey expedition landing, then recruit Anastasia to Beirut.


Turkish Nobility: Increases trade profits and contributions in the Turkish cultural spheres.

Treasure Appraisal – This adds the chance to trade precious items.

Fire Cannon Expertise: Increases damage, accuracy, penetration, and penetration capability of fire cannons


Character: William Ansel

Recruitment: Pick up your recruiter in London and take them to Ceuta.


British Climate – Increases trade profits and contribution to British cultural life.

Sketch – Increases contributions and rewards for reporting on discoveries

Journey of Odysseus-Don’t let storms get out of control.

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Scholar Flat Cap – +1 geography, +1 humanities, and +1 biology

Languages: English / Latin/ Greek / Portuguese/Spanish


Recruitment: Tulip quest line Amsterdam (go to Amsterdam in November to start). After Beatrice is recruited, go to Venice.


Penny Pinching: Reduce fleet supply, sailor wage costs

Merchant of Venice: Increased experience and profit from trading specialties

Business Craft – Higher Rewards from Completing Business Contracts

Languages: Italian / Dutch


Blackbeard: Character

Na*sau: He is looking for a job


Coercion – Increases confusion when there are battles

Reign of Terror – Protects against confusion

Tyrannical – Can be used to surrender small and medium ships


Languages: English

Character: Jaca

Recruitment: Na*sau tavern after recruiting Blackbeard


Caribbean Climate – Increases trade profits and contributes to the Caribbean cultural realm.

Boarding Tactics: Allows hand-to-hand combat immediately after a ram collides with an enemy ship

Fearless Charge – Increases Ram damage.

Extra Equipment Bonus:

Eagle Warrior Armor- +1 leadership, +1 brawling


Character: MarmaCora

Veracruz: Wolf child clue for recruitment


Inca Climate – Increases trade profit and contribution in the Central, South American, and West Coast American cultural realms

Instincts – Increase Field of View in Expeditions

Languages in India

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