Scarlet Maiden Gameplay Build Recommendations

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Join Scarlet, the last remaining Maiden of the Sacred Flame, in her sinful quest to defeat the Prime Evil. Explore the randomly generated dungeons of the Underworld, learn new abilities, equip Scarlet with powerful equipment, and engage in lewd activities along the way.

Build Recommendations

Try to find an Sin+100% ring, as soon as you can. Damage Reduction can be extremely beneficial, particularly if you stack it. There is nothing like taking 24% of the damage from all sources!

When you are about halfway through Zone 2, try to look for a kind of spear that looks like Royal Crescent in particular; a high stun rate is a BUSTED thing and will stop any non-boss enemies (Apart from women in clubs) from doing anything at all.

What about Sin spending? Try to level up to the MIDDLE PATH to increase your health, potions, and resistance to damage. With such a limited healing capacity, the ability to last longer is what you’re after, not raw damage. You should also try to gain the +Status skill, as there is no harm in having more life steal or stun weapons. (Especially when you consider how low the life steal odds generally are)

Once you’ve boosted your health, damage resistance, and mana, you can do whatever you like. Pumping all three of the other vendors to level 3 doesn’t hurt much, though it’s not a top priority as you’ll generally find better things in the dungeon as you go. If you’re able to, get Fire/Ice Shield in advance of entering. It can ruin the first boss.

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