Scarlet Maiden Gameplay Third Boss Tips

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Join Scarlet, the last remaining Maiden of the Sacred Flame, in her sinful quest to defeat the Prime Evil. Explore the randomly generated dungeons of the Underworld, learn new abilities, equip Scarlet with powerful equipment, and engage in lewd activities along the way.

Third Boss Tips

  • For the most part, I think she’s a lot easier than the second boss because you have excellent gear by now.
  • As is normal, spears must to jump to attack her thighs. >:o
  • She’ll usually open her eyes by plunging her hands into the earth in a series of those ice slime ground needle attacks. It’s tough to avoid, so try to double-jump into airdash and go to a safe place.
  • She usually follows this with a horizontal sword swing but it’s quickly dashed through. You can hit her a little while you wish.
  • If she hides in the plants and hides in the plant, she’ll summon green orbs in the air. If you’re careful about where you stand, they’ll explode diagonally.
  • If she moves from side one side, she will summon three green blobs resembling the green slime girls. They’ll stay for a while, so don’t be greedy about trying to attack.
  • Sometimes she will do a horizontal sword swing when you’re close to her plant. You can smack her on the face.
  • In addition to her needles attacking, she’s quite easy compared to the enemies you had to fight to get to her. Just be patient, Fire/Ice shield her t*ts, and you’ll be safe. :3
  • Yes, you’re forced to die when you get past her; it’s intentional because the game isn’t over yet. So chillax.

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