Sexy Mystic Survivors How to Disable Mini Map

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I was shocked to see this mini-map. I thought, “Again, I’ve pressed some bloody terrible key” and began to smash my keyboard with no luck. The reason for appearance is an achievement that is “rewarded with Magic Compa*s” (actually it is this very minimap). It seems that there will not be any updates for this game. So I can offer a little “hack”.
This hack will affect your achievements. If you do something wrong, your game may be damaged.

1 – Type in your search window “%APPDATA%\..\LocalLow\AMG\SexyMysticSurvivors”

2 – Locate “SaveGameMain.es3” and open it.

3 – Find lines

“conditionName” : “COND_FindersKeepers_3”,

“progress” : 50,

“progressInt” : some number here,

“Unlocked”: True

4 – change last two lines to

“progressInt” : -999999999,

False “unlocked”:

5 – Save, launch your game and BINGO! However, both your finders keepers achievements and Magic Compa*s will remain locked (disabled).

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