SpunkStock: Music Festival Modifiers and how they work

Welcome, and we hope you find this guide to SpunkStock: Music Festival Modifiers and how they work useful.

This guide will explain how each modifier works.
Hidden values you don’t know about and values the game is wrong on

We are very grateful to the developer, who provided some of the values.

1 Star modifiers in white

These modifiers won’t increase your reputation multiplier

Sap – Sap can increase progress on “hit”, or “perfect”, by up to 50%, and decrease pa*sive progression decay by up to 50%

Each Sap increases the bonus by 50%. So 3 Sap increases progression on “hit”, and “perfect”, by 150%.

Each subsequent Sap increases pa*sive progress decay by 50% in a similar way

Applies separately from Needle

Needle – increases progression on “perfect”, decreases progression of “hit” by 25%

Each Needle added to the Bonus increases it by 75% of its previous value

This applies separately for Sap

Retribution – If you would like to fail a performance, you can instead set the progress bar at 25% and grant some white modifiers (sap, needle, barrier, guardian, and perception), but you lose half of your score muliplier

Hidden value is also added 150% to the “perfect threshold”, which multiplies multiplicatively.

Bonuses from “failure”, however, do not carry over to the next round of the gauntlet

Perception – Increases 20% the chance of getting a perfect hit.

“Critical” hits have 100% greater progression.

Each subsequent Perception modifies increases the chance of getting a critical hit by 10%

This applies after any other modifiers, like Sap and Needle

Ritual – For every 40 hits, you will receive a random white and grey modifier

Each Ritual thereafter reduces the number needed for perfect hits by 15%

This is the lowest number you can reach.

Gla*s – This increases the ideal hit area by 25%. The perfect hitting area is broken if you get a hit, miss, or over click.

Each gla*s adds 25% to the ideal hit area (stacking multiplicatively).

Although you can increase the size of gla*s after breaking it, the increase is very modest per modifier

Yin & Yang – grants 1 random white modifiable (cannot be a gla*s) for every gold and red modifier you have/gain.

Each subsequent Yin & Yang gives 50% a chance to give an additional gold or red modifier.

Guardian – provides a pa*sive 25% chance to ignore over click and miss

Each Guardian increases 25% exponentially with each subsequent Guardian (3 guardian has approximately a 54.06% chance).

Do not ignore “miss” and over click. This will not help you progress.

Barrier – The next hit will count as a perfect, then the modifier disappears

They cannot be stacked. However, if one is used, a second one can be applied.

Stamina – reduces pa*sive progression decay by 50%

Each subsequent Stamina reduces pa*sive advancement decay by 50%.

Blast – Clears the track and counts all notes as perfect hits. It lasts for 2 seconds

Seer – Reduces reroll cost by 50%

Each subsequent Seer lowers the cost to reroll by 50%

Can reach 0 Cost at 9 Seer

2 Star Modifiers (grey).

These modifiers can increase your reputation multiplier up to 0.2

Tempo up – Increases the song’s beat speed by 15%

Songs with a higher start bpm (highest Ruth at 190bpm) have dramatic increases

Each Tempo up adds 15% to the bpm

(The tooltip in this article is incorrect.

Nitro – Cleans the track and moves the hit area to 20%

Each Nitro moves up the hit area by an additional

Cannot move the track further than 90%

Notes won’t spawn in 2 seconds like blast.

Mine – mines have 25% chance to spawn along the track. Hitting a mine will count for a “miss”, which means you take 500% extra damage to progression.

Each subsequent mine increases the damage you do by 100%. (Mines mean 1500% “miss” damage).

(hidden Value) Pa*sive progression decay is reduced 25%

Whip – Increases damage to progression due to over-clicking, missing, and hitting a min by 75%

Each subsequent whip increases the damage by an extra 75%

(Tooltip also incorrect)

Mini – Reduces note sizes by 20%

Each Mini reduces your note size by 20%

These effects were also noticed

Notes can only be of minimum size if they are less than 40%.

(hidden value). “Perfect” area increases 10%, and pa*sive decay increases 10%

3 Star and 4-star modifiers (gold or red)

These modifiers cannot be combined.

In other words, you cannot use more than one of these modifiers during a single performance.

Modifiers in gold increase your reputation multiplier up to 0.5

Red modifiers can increase your reputation multiplier up to 1.0

Double – allows for a second note track from the correct screen size. Notes will appear to the right but on a different beat (between regular notes).

All modifiers used on the first track can also be applied to track two

(hidden value) pa*sive progression decay is the double the current value

Fission notes in the offbeat have an 25% chance of spawn.

Although the notes are smaller, they have the same “perfect area” as more extensive notes.

Hold – This can cause notes to sometimes turn into “hold” ones. You must hold the key down until the note is complete to count.

If a note of hold lasts more than one beat, it will count as part and parcel of the progression

If the hold notes is a key, it will count all of the holds as a vital for the progression

If the hold notes are released early, you will gain progression for your initial hit, but lose progress in the hold portion.

Ghost – As you have a longer streak with hits, a white fog floats from one end of the track to obscure the notes.

Mistakes or hits to a mine cause the mist back down

Gravity – The track will immediately flip upside down if it hits the gravity note. This happens every 20 notes (40 if Double activates).

If the track is upside down, hitting the gravity notes will cause the track to go back to normal

Gravity notes must be hit if they are not otherwise normal.

When spawning, gravity points have priority over other modifiers.

The gla*s modifier icon near the track doesn’t move with the track when it is upside-down. It may be fixed.

4 Star (red) +1 rep multiplier (CANNOT BE STACKED)

Doom – Any “missing” click or hitting a min will instantly cause your scene to end.

Retribution can block this.

What to avoid and what to do in common combinations

Okay, this part is a bit off-the-cuff.

Although it can be hard to choose between double, fission, or hold, I find it very enjoyable. I do not recommend that you get all three unless your adult games are chaotic.

Stacking saps and needles and adding in a few perceptions is a great way to get through a song quickly without abusing Retribution (which can be overpowered entirely).

If you are having trouble getting an SS in a song and have the pendant, I recommend starting at Barrier to prevent your streak from being broken by one slip-up.

Ghost is the only thing I can think about. It makes it more difficult than necessary.

It was our pleasure to walk you through the SpunkStock: Music Festival Modifiers and how they work, and we sincerely hope you found it useful. If you find any mistakes or have suggestions for improving this post, do let us know in the comments. Best wishes for a wonderful day in return for your time and effort. This post was motivated by the work of creator and author LittleAshBunny

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