Starfighter: Eclipse Cain – Abel – Helios Walkthrough

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An erotic, g*y visual novel set in the science fiction universe of the Starfighter webcomic.

Cain – Abel – Helios



  • Be kind to Abel
  • Nice to Encke
  • Mean to Selene
  • Selene is the correct word
  • Notice Deimos
  • Ignore Porthos
  • Talk to Abel
  • Flirt with Abel
  • Hurry Up


Alien Ship


  • Don’t enter there (if you do, you’ll get a bad ending)
  • Is Abel OK?
  • Selene for Abel


Back on Ship


  • Wear Civies
  • Abel is awake
  • What were you looking for?




  • Talk to Selene
  • What is he looking at?
  • Are you wondering what the others are doing?
  • Abel’s amazing


Med Bay


  • Abel is gone




  • Run in with Keeler


Cargo Hold


  • Run with Deimos&Cain







  • Get me out of here!


Mess Deck


  • Listen in on Encke&Keeler




  • Check the computer files, then read the files, then close them.


Observation Deck



Med Bay


  • Get in on the action with Deimos.




  • It’s an hour


Meet Abel in Hall


  • It was nice.
  • I love to spend time with you.


Hayden’s Office


  • Don’t Accept
  • Agree




  • Don’t choose Selene
  • Uh … don’t understand Ethos.


Mess Deck


  • Defend Abel
  • Choose Violence
  • Hi….
  • Let him go.
  • Man…


*Observation Deck*


  • Learn more about it
  • Wait for stop
  • The problem is you


Meet Cain in the Hallway


  • Let Abel decide




  • What’s the problem? (Don’t report to Hayden, or you’ll likely end up being on Hayden’s route)


Med Bay


  • Thank you for your support.




  • Do not stay (the other will lead to a bad end)


Observation Deck


  • I spoke to Cain




  • Look at what? (The other has a disastrous end)


Med Bay


  • Talk with Selene
  • Abel would never do it.


Observation Deck


  • Run at Abel (H-Scene 1 –

That was one H-ending , which was Cain/Abel and Helios

Continue on from the *Observation Deck* asterix to get another H-end, this time with Cain/Abel and Helios

Observation Deck


  • Learn more about it
  • Wait Stop
  • This was not a topic I was pursuing


Meet with Cain in Hallway


  • Don’t need to use your navigator to be


Hallway with Selene


  • Find Cain


Hallway with Cain/Abel


  • Cain claimed he had a problem with Abel


Hallway with Cain


  • Not a good idea


Hallway with Selene


  • Take a ride with Cain




  • No don’t
  • Join Cain on an excursion to Med Bay

This was the last H-end with Cain/Abel as well as Helios

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