Starfighter: Eclipse Cain – Deimos – Helios Walkthrough

Welcome. This Starfighter: Eclipse Cain – Deimos – Helios Walkthrough Guide was created to be of a*sistance to you, and we sincerely hope that you find it to be so.

An erotic, g*y visual novel set in the science fiction universe of the Starfighter webcomic.

Cain – Deimos – Helios



  • Be kind to Abel
  • Nice to Encke
  • Flirt in Selene
  • Flirt in Selene
  • Notice Deimos
  • Porthos, ignore
  • Talk to Abel
  • Going great
  • Hurry!


Alien Ship


  • Don’t go there.
  • Selene!
  • Selene is a way to help Abel.


Back on Ship


  • Wear Civies
  • Ask the MO if it is okay to visit
  • What do you need?




  • Talk to Selene
  • What is he looking at exactly?
  • Do you wonder what others are doing instead?
  • Abel’s great


Cargo Hold


  • Run in with Deimos/Cain




  • What are your two conversations about?
  • Okay, later!
  • Get back to work
  • See what the techs do
  • What are YOU up to?
  • Play cards


Observation Deck


  • Run in with Ethos/Praxis




  • Selene!





Med Bay


  • Encounter Deimos




  • Yes, You can call it a Day.


Meet Abel In Hall


  • If Cain hadn’t gotten you off the hook
  • We would love to spend time with each other


Hayden’s Office


  • I believe that I understand
  • Seems underhanded




  • You’re a great person.
  • Let me go!




  • He’s amazing
  • Wait for training?
  • Take a vacation


Mess Deck


  • Sorry to intrude


Follow Deimos to Hallway


  • Follow him


Meet Deimos in Hallway


  • Huh?
  • Grab his arm


Observation Deck


  • Abel…




  • Abel, it’s F*cking awesome!


Med Bay


  • Is Cain still right here? (H-scene)

And that’s what Cain/Deimos/Helios will get at the end!

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